Harold Ang Caneja

By BiliranIsland.com Staff
Published 1:30 PM, October 26, 2022

Naval, Biliran — Six sachets containing white crystalline substance suspected to be shabu with an estimated value of P6000 were recovered by drug operatives led by the Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit (PDEU) of Biliran Police Office, PDEA and the local Station Drug Enforcement Team (SDET) from an ex-convict during a buy bust operation about 11:45 in the evening on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at Brgy. SMO. Rosario, of this provincial capital town of the province of Biliran.

Naval COP Police Major Chambeline Ludevise identified the suspect as Harold Ang, 35, single, jobless and resident at Castin St., Brgy. Smo Rosario, Naval, Biliran. The local drug authorities tagged the suspect in their drug watch list as New Identified.

Recovered from the possession of the suspect was one sachet containing white crystalline substance suspected to be shabu procured by an operative in the amount of P1000. During the conduct of a body search in front of a Barangay Official and representative from the DOJ, the searching cop fails to recover illegal items from the suspect. However at the sling bag of the suspect when it was opened the searching cop recovered a small cut plastic that contained P1000 bill and a folded paper that once poured out five more plastic sachets containing the same white crystalline substance suspected to be shabu with an estimated street value of P5000.

The P1000 bill recovered from the folded plastic bearing serial number NJ028745 was court-subscribed money intended from the buy bust operation. The searching cop also recovered a black wallet that contained cash money amounting ₱7,070.00 in different denominations and one disposable plastic lighter.

The suspect just laughed when the five more suspected shabu was recovered by the searching cop denying it was not his.

The suspect according to the police has just recently been released from prison and given parole after serving a sentence for homicide. The arrested suspect was convicted of homicide for killing Mommar S. Guevarra on August 10, 2011 inside a room at TJ Lodge along Castin St., of this town.

Charges of violations of RA 9165, the Comprehensive Law against Illegal Drugs of 2002 are being readied by the arresting authorities against the suspect who is temporarily detained at the Naval MPS. – BiliranIsland.com


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