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Published 2:06 PM, November 03, 2022

Caibiran, Biliran — Several schools in the Province of Biliran suspended their classes after heavy rains brought by shear line brought sudden flash flood about 9: 50 in the morning of Tuesday, Nov 2 at the ICT High School of Eastern Biliran, and Caibiran Central School both in Caibiran, Biliran.

Vic Monterroyo, whose wife is a teaching force in Caibiran District, in an interview said that the town has felt the rain since the early morning. But about 9: 50 in the morning the rain got heavier, which resulted in a flash flood. The heavy flooding was also felt in the town proper and rescue groups from the PNP and the BFP assisted a number of people who were in the town caught in the flood.

Classrooms in the two mentioned schools were also flooded and pupils who were for the first time holding a full implementation of face to face classes were caught inside their classrooms flooded with ankle deep waters.

The heavy rains according to Monterroyo started to subside about 10: 30 in the morning and were totally out at noon. Students and pupils of the two schools were immediately allowed to go home after a suspension of classes was ordered by the LGU. On the other hand, teachers whose classrooms were flooded single-handedly bail out waters from their classrooms.

Monterroyo disclosed that it was the first time that the town of Caibiran was flooded due to heavy downfall of rain.

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