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Published 2:50 PM, November 09, 2022

Naval, Biliran— Two construction workers were killed while another one was injured when the metal pipe they were erecting as flag poles touched a live wire owned by the local electric cooperative resulting in the electrocution about 2: 15 in the afternoon on Monday, Nov. 7 at the Government Center Brgy. Larrazabal here.

Naval COP Police Major Chambeline Ludevise identified the fatalities as Kirby Verutiao, 21, with live-in partner, and Michael Corpin, 28, with live-in partner, both construction workers and residents of Brgy. Maurang, Caibiran, Biliran, while the injured co-worker of the two was identified as Mark Edward Mondedo, 20, single, construction worker and a resident of Brgy. Bariis, Caibiran, Biliran.

The incident that happened last Monday was only reported to the police yesterday Tuesday, Nov. 8 about 11: 10 in the morning by Engr. Alex Quiñiones, 55, married, Civil Engineer/Project Monitoring of the Provincial Engineers Office of the Provincial Government Biliran and residing at Brgy. Salawad, Cabucgayan, Biliran.

Engr. Quiñiones who reported to the local police about 11:10 in the morning yesterday Tuesday, November 8, that the incident transpired while the construction workers were erecting a flag pole for the constructed Office of the Provincial Fire Marshal at the Government Center Brgy. Larrazabal. Upon learning of the incident, duty investigator and alert personnel of the local police immediately went to the place of incident to conduct ocular inspection and investigation and arrived at 11:20 in the morning on Monday.

Investigation conducted by the responding police personnel disclosed that on Monday afternoon Engr. Quiñiones together with the victims were carrying the metal Flag Pole with concrete pedestal to be erected on the construction site. However, while the victims were erecting the flag pole, this accidentally touched the live cable wire of Biliran Electric Cooperative. The investigation added that there were five construction workers erecting and holding the metal the flag pole but the two died while the other one is still recuperating from his injuries at the Biliran Provincial Hospital while the two other whom Engr. Quiñiones, who was not named, was immediately released for the hospital.

The two victims on the other hand were declared dead-on arrival at Biliran Provincial Hospital by the attending physician Dr. Jusie Marie M. Estrada.

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