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Published 07:10 AM, January 3, 2023

Culaba, Biliran— Drinking too much proved dangerous to two drinking buddies after their drinking session turned tragic when an altercation turned into a heated argument that resulted in stabbing and the death of one.

The incident happened about 5:15 in the morning on Sunday, Jan 1, in San Lorenzo Heights (Pabahay) Brgy Guindapunan, here while welcoming the New Year.

Culaba COP Police Capt Benigno R. Avila identified the victim as Ignacio Tagnipes y Mabutin, legal age, and a resident of the said barangay. The suspect who was arrested at the Poblacion here after a hot pursuit was identified as Jelboy Lagumbay y Canonce, 35, a resident of the same housing village in Brgy Guindapunan was a native of Brgy Inyuron, Barugo Leyte.

The local police said that they received a report about a stabbing incident at about 5:15 on Sunday in the said barangay and immediately proceeded to the said barangay place of incident and arrived in the area about 5:25 in the morning and learned that the victim was stabbed to death by the suspect using a Knife.

Initial investigation conducted by case investigator Corporal Julie T. Udtojan disclosed that the two warring parties were having drinking sessions as they welcome the New Year by having a drinking session with other neighbors. However, a heated argument between the suspect and the victim occurred while on drinking session which prompted other drinking to pacify the two. Later, the suspect left the group and went home but returned to the place carrying a knife and without provocation immediately stabbed the victim.

The victim was hit in his right lower chest that resulted in his instantaneous death. The suspect immediately fled to the area running towards an unknown direction.

Personnel from the local police conducted a hot pursuit operation for the arrest of the suspect and arrested the suspect at the house of Paula Trapal located at Brgy Poblacion, Culaba, Biliran where his live-in partner (Terry Borromeo) was working.

The local police are readying charges against the suspect who is temporarily detained at the Culaba MPS detention cell.


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