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Published 10:53 AM, January 3, 2023

Caibiran, Biliran— A family of four was killed after the single motorcycle they were boarding was bumped by an overtaking truck at about 6:20 in the evening on Sunday, Jan. 8, in Sitio Taloto, Brgy. Maurang, of this municipality.

Caibiran COP Police Lt. Vic Viros identified the fatalities as Jimmy Agosto, legal age, driver, and his wife Solidad, and children. Jameson and Jonalyn, both minors and residents of So. Tan-ag, Brgy. Maurang, Caibiran Biliran.

The police said that at about 6:30 in the evening today, Sunday, Caibiran Police station received a cellular phone from a concerned citizen informing about a Traffic Incident that occurred in Brgy. Maurang. Upon receipt of the report, the local police led by Lt. Viros responded to the said barangay to verify the said report. Upon arrival at the place of the incident, the responding PNP personnel immediately assisted the rescue group by managing the flow of the traffic and helping the involved persons to bring in RHU Caibiran.

Initial investigation conducted by responding police disclosed that the motor vehicle boarded by the family was a Rusi 125 color black without Plate No.with Chassis No. LNGP6JCP45699 was traversing from Poblacion Caibiran, Biliran heading towards Sitio Tan-ag, Brgy. Maurang here while the Fuso Canter bearing Plate No. 030102, color white registered to Riela Gilaines S Ty and driven by Benigno Garcia, 31, a resident of So. Atay, Brgy. Cabibihan, Caibiran, Biliran was traversing from Brgy.
Cabibihan, Caibiran, Biliran heading towards Gasoline Station in Brgy. Lo-oc of this town. However, upon arrival at the place of incident, the Fuso Canter overtook a single motorcycle, a Motorstar 150 color white, driven by Anatalia Veruen, of legal age, who failed to notice the incoming Rusi motorcycle from the opposite direction resulting in a head-on collision.

The heavy impact brought by the collision resulted in the passengers of the single motorcycle being thrown several meters away from the point of impact resulting in severe injuries in different parts of their bodies. The victims were brought to the Rural Health Unit of Caibiran and because of the severity of their injuries were referred to the Biliran Provincial Hospital where they died while being treated.

The driver of the Fuso Canter along with the involved motorcycle was brought to the local police for custody and investigation. –


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  1. Sad, so sad for families on both sides. I don’t know the real reason for the cause of this tragedy, but after driving cars and riding motorcycles around Biliran for 35 years, I understand why so many accidents are on the roads and highways there. Unroadworthy vehicles are the norm at all times. Many with no licenses, no registration, no insurance, no lights for other vehicles to see what’s ahead of them on the roads at night. The Sikads dice with road accidents illegally on the ‘highways’ at all times. Bald tires on many vehicles, no brakes, (or very little), more than legally two on motorcycles is the norm. Overloading of all kinds of vehicles lead to many accidents, mainly on corners that is understandable when overloaded. If just one reader of this gets the message of what I say here, and does something about it, then perhaps it will save your life and others of your family and friends. Please pass it on!


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