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Published 04:30 PM, May 02, 2023

Cabucgayan, Biliran— No bail was recommended from the court that issued a Warrant of Arrest against a chainsaw operator who was arrested at about 06:15 in the evening on Friday, April 26, in Brgy. Magbangon here.

The accused was identified as Nelio Pelayo, legal age, single, and a resident of Sitio Andrade, Brgy. Asug Caibiran, Biliran.
The arrest came from the Warrant of Arrest dated April 26, which was issued by Hon. Ateneoness S Bacale, Presiding Judge, 8th Judicial Region, 2nd MCTC (Biliran-Cabucgayan), Biliran, Biliran with no bail recommended for violation of RA 8048 (An Act Providing for the Regulation of the Cutting of Coconut Trees) as amended by RA 10593 (No coconut tree shall be cut except when the tree is at least 60 years old for tall varieties, and at least 40 years old for dwarf varieties) under Criminal Case No. 3252.

The arrested accused was immediately brought to Cabucgayan MPS for documentation and proper disposition.


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