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Published 04:30 PM, May 02, 2023

Cabucgayan, Biliran — A decomposing body of a Tuba (Coconut wine) gatherer was found at the foot of a coconut tree about 1: 50 in the afternoon on Sunday, April 30 at the coconut farmland in Sitio Canumay Brgy. Baso, Cabucgayan, Biliran.

Police identified the victim as Mario Opalla, 60, separated, farmer/coconut wine gatherer and a resident of Sitio Canumay Brgy Baso, Cabucgayan, Biliran.

The local police said that Cabucgayan police received a report from Brgy Captain Panfilo Dadizon of Brgy. Baso, regarding a dead body at the coconut farm land in their barangay, Biliran. Upon cognizance of the report, PNP personnel together with RHU personnel proceeded to the reported place and upon arrival noticed the foul smell in the area and found that the cadaver was on the stage of decomposition.

During the investigation and interview with Paulita Dela Cruz y Opalla, sister of the victim disclosed that his brother was alone living in his house after separating with his wife while his daughter was in Manila. The sister disclosed that she was informed that there was a dead body found on the grassland in decomposition stage near the coconut tree to whom his brother gathers “Tuba” coconut wine. She suspected and believed that his brother fell from the coconut tree while gathering coconut wine as shown by the tuba gathering gears that scattered at the foot of the coconut tree.

Dela Cruz continued that his brother was last seen in the afternoon of Thursday, April 25, under the influence of liquor before he went in gathering coconut wine. She added that it was the second time that her brother fell from the coconut tree but the first time she said was not fatal.


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