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Published 1:00 PM, May 15, 2023

Caibiran, Biliran— A heated argument over plant damages caused by a got away carabao resulted in a shooting of a farmer to a fellow farmer about 5:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 10, in the hinterland area of Brgy. Kawayanon here.

Caibiran COP Police Capt. Vic Viros identified the suspect as victim Reynaldo Dela Cruz, 28, with common-law wife, farmer and a resident of Sitio Canciso, Brgy. Cabibihan, here.while the suspect was identified as Norberto Rosales, a.k.a “Norbing”, 60, farmer and a resident of Brgy. Kawayanon here.

Caibiran police in their report stated that about 6:00 in the afternoon yesterday Wednesday, the station received information that the victim is under medication at the Rural Health Unit (RHU) of this town after he was allegedly shot by the suspect. Upon cognizance of the report, personnel from Caibiran MPS immediately went to RHU Caibiran to Verify The said report. Upon arrival at RHU the victim who is blooded told them that he was shot by the suspect using his home-made shotgun “Surit”.

Initial investigation conducted by the local police disclosed that the suspect confronted the victim and accused him of intentionally releasing the Carabao in the area damaging the plants of the suspect. The investigation said that the victim denied the allegation that irked the suspect resulting in a heated argument. The police added that during the heated argument where the victim denies the allegations, the suspect immediately took his home-made shotgun “Surit” and shot the victim hitting on his body.

After he was hit the victim immediately ran towards Sitio Canciso, Brgy. Cabibihan here, and immediately went to RHU of this town for medical treatment. The victim was referred to Biliran Provincial Hospital (BPH), Naval, Biliran for further medical treatment. The police said that the incident was witnessed by the victim’s brother Daniel Ocampo,22, single, a resident of Sitio Canciso, Brgy. Cabibihan here.

Caibiran police immediately conducted a hot pursuit operation that resulted in the arrest of the suspect at Brgy. Kawayanon, Caibiran, Biliran and recovered the firearm used in the said incident.

The suspect is temporarily detained at the Caibiran MPS for proper disposition.


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