NAVAL, Biliran (BDEO) – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)- Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO) has started the implementation of its CY 2023 Infrastructure Program. Some of the District Office’s notable and eye-catching projects are the seven slope protection netting system strategically distributed in the towns of Almeria, Kawayan, Biliran and Caibiran with a total allocation amounting to P380-M.

OIC-District Engineer (DE) Alfredo L. Bollido said that in order to protect the original landform and to maintain the growth of the original vegetation, the office has adopted the use of this new technique.


The slope protection netting project consists of a wire mesh netting used to hold the soil/ rocks from falling into the road and other structures.

“This type of infrastructure is implemented to protect and prolong the service life of our national roads especially during times of typhoons and calamities where it is more prone to slips, slope collapse and landslides,” said OIC-DE Bollido.

According to OIC-DE Bollido, it is always the top priority of the district office to make all national roads and bridges passable at all times to provide access to rescue operations and other emergency situations.

On-going slope protection netting projects are implemented at Brgy. Matanggo in Almeria town with an allocation amount of P50-M, now with 81.63% accomplishment; Brgy. Bulalacao in Kawayan town worth P30-M with 15.51% accomplishment; and Sitio Canseso in Brgy. Cabibihan in the town of Caibiran with an allocation amount of P50-M with an accomplishment of 61.90%.

Moreover, two slope protection netting projects with kilometer station: K1039+640 -K1039+660 and K1039+840 -K1039+910 located both at Sitio Mohon in Brgy. Cabibihan are also on-going with an accomplishment of 64.39% and 46.20%, respectively. These projects have an allocation amount of P50-M each.

OIC-DE Bollido revealed that the P100-M allocation for the slope protection netting project at Brgy. Inasuyan in Kawayan town and P50-M allocation in Brgy. Canila in Biliran town have just recently started.

“The completion of these projects will not only ensure the safety of the travelling public and the residents against landslides but it will also promote the growth of the original vegetation on these areas.,” said OIC-DE Bollido.


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