NAVAL, Biliran (BDEO) – To ensure that all national roads and bridges will be passable by the travelling public, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)- Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO) discussed plan of actions in preparation for a super typhoon that may enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) on Friday, May 26.

OIC-District Engineer Alfredo L. Bollido on Wednesday, May 24, conducted an emergency meeting to all personnel of the district office directly involved in disaster and emergency response operations. This was attended by all Section Chiefs, Maintenance Point Persons (MPPs), Maintenance Foremen, Service Vehicle Drivers and Heavy Equipment Operators.

One of the main concerns during the meeting was the discussion on the alternate route for the Caraycaray Bridge Detour in case of flooding/ damage, which is one of the possible effects of the typhoon.

The Caraycaray detour is the main bridge as of the moment of the Biliranons and the fastest and shortest route going in and out of Naval and of the Province of Biliran.

It was discussed that in cases where the Caraycaray bridge detour will be impassable to the travelling public, the Caraycaray Bridge which is still on-going on the concreting of the Bridge’s approach will be temporarily open to traffic, but limited only to motorcycles and tricycles. Heavy equipment and 4-wheel vehicles are advised to take the route Biliran-Cabucgayan-Naval-Caibiran Cross Country Road (NCCCR) in going in and out of Naval.

The OIC-DE explained that the recently completed concreting of one lane of the bridge’s approach (Naval Side) is currently in the curing process hence, the only available access is the one lane unpaved bridge approach at the Naval Side which could be slippery when wet.

“Allowing four-wheelers and the like to pass through the Caraycaray Bridge when still wet could be too risky for these vehicles due to a higher chance of these tires to get stuck in the soil. When this happens, it will not only result to a slow movement of traffic but worst could block the accessibility of the bridge,” said OIC-DE Bollido,

Aside from the concern of the said bridge, DPWH-Biliran DEO also prepares for possible occurrence of landslides that could possibly be brought by heavy rains.

OIC-DE Bollido added that service and equipment vehicles and tools are also prepared for standby for any clearing operations and emergency situations including the availability of barricades and warning signages.

The OIC- DE revealed that a Quick Disaster Response Team are formed by Biliran DEO for this operation which composed of evacuation, traffic, security, search and rescue, medical and firefighting teams.

Typhoon “Mawar” (international name) is forecast to become a super typhoon and is expected to enter PAR on Friday, May 26 and will have its domestic name: “Betty.


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