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Published 06.03 PM, May 29, 2023

Kawayan, Biliran— Five persons living in two barangays were arrested by the local police and the Criminal Investigation and Detective Group (CIDG) after the court issued a Warrant of Arrest for violation of illegal gambling in Brgy. Madao here last Monday May 22.

First to be arrested about 7:15 in the evening on May 22, was Juve Agang, 44, with live-in partner, farmer, at 7: 25 in the same day the joint forces also arrested Dasty Mapa, 46, with live-in partner, farmer, all residents of Brgy. Madao here, followed by Amador Flores, 43, with live-in partner, fisherman and a resident of Brgy. Ungale, Kawayan, here, at 7: 30 in the evening, followed by the arrest of Marlino Gaviola, 34, with live-in partner, farmer and a resident of Brgy. Madao at about 7: 40 in the evening, and Juanito Aljo, 51, with live-in partner, farmer and a resident of Brgy. Ungale was arrested by the team about 7: 50 in the evening in their residences.

The arrest of the five accused was by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest dated May 19, 2023 and issued by Hon. Annabelle S Donasco-Balledo, Acting Presiding Judge, 8th Judicial Region, 1st MCTC (Almeria-Kawayan), Kawayan, Biliran for violation of PD 449 as amended by PD 1602 under CC No. 2033. The court recommended a bail of ₱30,000.00 for their temporary liberty.

The arrested accused were informed of the nature of their arrest and were informed of their constitutional rights under the Miranda Doctrine in a language known and understood by him.


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