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Published 3:0 PM, June 03, 2023

Cabucgayan, Biliran— A heated argument between two drinking buddies had turned tragic after the suspect stabbed the victim during an altercation at around 02:30 in the morning on Monday, May 29, in Brgy. Bunga here.

Police identified the suspect as Adrian Lacaba, legal age, resident of Sitio Canumay Brgy. Baso, here, while the victim was identified as Adrian Lacaba, legal age, and resident of Sitio Canumay Brgy. Baso, also of this town.

The local police said that drinking too many was the cause of the incident.

Initial investigation conducted by the local police disclosed that around 02:30 in the morning on Monday, the stabbing incident transpired at Brgy. Bunga, Cabucgayan, Biliran, Accordingly, while the victim and the suspect were having a drinking session in the said place, an argument ensued between the two which caused the the suspect got irked with the victim that prompted him to stab the victim, hitting the victim’s neck twice. Worse, the bladed weapon used by the suspect in stabbing his victim remains buried at his neck.

After the incident, the suspect immediately ran in an unknown direction. The victim was brought immediately to the Rural Health Unit of this town but because of the severity of the victim’s wound he was referred to Biliran Provincial Hospital for further medical treatment.

PNP personnel from Cabucgayan MPS immediately conducted a hot pursuit operation for the possible arrest of the suspect.


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