First Posted 11:19:00 07/21/2023

Almeria, Biliran— A man who was earlier diagnosed with tuberculosis was found lifeless with a cut on his wrist at about 5:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, July 18, in Sitio Pitoguhan, Brgy. Jamorawon here.

Police identified the victim as Reneboy Berja, of legal age, married, and a resident of the said barangay.
The local police said that at about 6:05 in the evening on July 18, 2023, the local police received information from a concerned citizen regarding a found dead body from an alleged suicide with a slash in his wrist. Personnel from the said station responded to the place of the incident to verify the said report and to conduct an investigation.

An investigation conducted by the responding police officer disclosed that the victim was discovered by Carolina Oppus, of legal age, a cousin of the victim, and a resident of the same place. According to her, she was going to give food to the victim, and upon opening the door, she was shocked when she saw the victim unconscious, lying on his belly inside the house, his right arm downward with blood flowing from his right wrist into the basin beneath it and a knife with blood above a mono black chair near him. Further, the police learned that the victim was previously diagnosed with tuberculosis which made him decide to live alone in the said house.

Dr. Christopher Casas, MHO, RHU-Almeria, through NDP Sheena D. Abrea, declared the time of death of the victim caused by wrist cutting (right radial) and felt body coldness at around 06:40 in the evening on the same date.
Responding police officers immediately requested SOCO to conduct further examination.


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