First Posted 08:31 08/08/2023

NAVAL, Biliran – Congressman of the Lone District of Biliran, Cong. Gerardo “Gerryboy” J. Espina Jr. Celebrated his 53rd birthday today, August 7 at Biliran Province State University (BiPsu) Gymansium.

The said celebration was attended by public servants; Governor Gerard Roger Espina, Vice Governor Brigido Caneja III, Dr. Cecil M. Espina, Board Members, Mayors and Sangguniang Bayan Mmebers of the eight districts. It was also attended by executive departments like DPWH, DSWD, DOLE, DTI, DEPED, etc. President of BiPSU, President Victor Cañezo was also present.

Various cuisines were provided, with gentle music playing in the background. The Gymnasium was packed with people who had received an invitation to celebrate.

Following that, a program with the host, Levi Pateo began. It was time for the raffle draw, but before they could begin, the emcee asked everyone to sing a “happy birthday” song to the celebrant. The enormous screen also displayed video messages from the members of the Congress.

Invitations sent out to people have coupons where they place it inside the container on their respective Municipality. The prizes include 20 units of Cellphones, 20 sacks of rice, Desk Fans, 10 pieaces of 32 inches Television, four Motorcycles, 10 Tablets, eight refrigerator and eight washing machines.

Cong. Espina indicated that he will only select two winners from small Municipalities such as Biliran, Almeria, Culaba, and Maripipi, and three winners from larger municipalities such as Naval, Cabucgayan, Caibiran, and Kawayan. The remaining two items from each of the ten items will be used in the overall draw with the four motorcycles.

Furthermore, the program resumed, and the raffle winners claimed their prizes and thanked Cong. Espina.

Following the conclusion of the presentation, the audience was entertained by a musical band.


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