First Posted 06:51 08/20/2023

Culaba, Biliran— A heated argument between two drinking buddies resulted in the shooting, fortunately the victim only incurred a slight wound like the suspect who was wounded during the struggle at about 7:30 in the evening on Friday, August 18, inside the Culaba National Vocational School campus in Brgy. Virginia, of this municipality.

The victim was identified as Abner Mondano, 65, married, Admin Aide and a resident of Brgy. Virginia, here, while the suspect was identified as Hector Cariño, 61, seaman and a resident of the same barangay.

Culaba police said that at about 07:40 in the evening on Friday, the wounded victim, accompanied by his wife, personally appeared at their station and reported a shooting incident that occurred inside the school campus. The local police upon receiving the information, referred the victim to Culaba Rural Health Unit for immediate medical attention, while the Duty Investigator proceeded to the said school to conduct an investigation into the incident.

Initial investigation conducted by responding disclosed that during a drinking session, an argument between the victim and the suspect has escalated. The argument made the suspect suddenly pull a gun from his sling bag, a .45 caliber pistol immediately fired at the victim. But the victim managed to escape from the gunshot and struggled with the suspect over the gun that resulted in the suspect to sustained a head wound during their fight while the victim was also wounded from the fight which was witnessed by a teacher identified as Reinhard Bon Tan, of legal age, Teacher, single, and a resident of Brgy. Marvel here.

Police recovered at the crime scene one .45 caliber pistol with serial number 561945, one magazine for the said caliber pistol containing five live rounds, and one empty shell.

The suspect was apprehended and taken to Culaba MPS for documentation and proper disposition. The suspect presented his LTOPF with ID No. 2015I-HAC27415-0, valid until July 02, 2022, and Firearm Registration with ID No. FA-97968-1, valid until June 18, 2023.


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