The Coral Adventure cruise ship at Sambawan Island. 🛳️💚 Nov. 2, 2023 Photo by Jalmz
The Coral Adventure cruise ship at Sambawan Island. 🛳️💚 Nov. 2, 2023 Photo by Jalmz Staff
First Posted 3:50 PM 11/03/2023

Maripipi, Biliran – To experience local lifestyles, traditions, and heritage through cultural immersion, Maripipi island officially welcomes the visitors of the Australian coral adventurer cruise ship for their cultural immersion, with more or less 75 Australian guests on November 2.

Maripipi Mayor Joseph Canonoy Caingcoy and the residents of the island warmly greeted the foreign guests upon their arrival.

The passengers were divided into two groups. The first group headed to Barangay Agutay, where they engaged with local craft tradesmen and learned about creating products from local raw materials like nito, such as bags and decorative items. They also enjoyed performances by local dance groups and went swimming at the Candol Beach.

Simultaneously, the remaining visitors headed to Barangay Casibang, exploring various other local crafts and traditions. They were introduced to the production of brooms from coconut leaves, the process of drying fish, “puso” and “silhig” making and “tuba” testing. They had a cooking demonstration featuring local dishes like paksiw, humba, and other native culinary delights, all prepared using daba.

They also enjoyed the lively performance of the Ginalutan Festival dancers, a dance inspired by the raw material used in pottery making, known as galut. This festival dance is a local tradition in Maripipi.

Furthermore, the visitors continued their journey to Sambawan Island, the main tourist attraction of the island town and a prominent tourism destination in both the province and the region. The guests experienced the warm ambience and went swimming and snorkel diving.

Mayor Caingcoy mentioned that even though hosting a major international event presented challenges for the island town, the support from various government offices and individuals was a chance to showcase its tourism potential to the world.


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