First Posted 06:16 PM 11/07/2023

Almeria, Biliran— A newly born infant was found lifeless by residents at the ongoing construction of a diversion road past 1:00 in the afternoon today in Brgy. Looc, of this town.

Almeria COP Police Capt. Teofilo Gervacio III, described the infant as a baby girl who was found by local residents beside a black bag believed to be where the infant was placed and left in the area.

Case investigator Police Staff Sergeant Reynate Palconit in an interview said that a certain Leonardo Gomez appeared at their station and reported that his son found a stray dog with a carcass in the mouth his son believed to be an infant. He said that the son of the reportee immediately threatened the dog with a stone causing the dog to leave the infant. He added that the son of the reportee shouted for help so the residents in the area could possibly assist the infant.

Sergeant Palconit said that they immediately responded to the area to verify the veracity of the report and to conduct an investigation. He said that upon arrival in the area, they found the lifeless infant being covered with a leaf of a giant taro. The residents in the area believed that the infant must be delivered in another place and was only left in the area.

The newly born infant was turned over by the police to the DSWD office where they immediately buried the infant in a local cemetery.


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