First Posted 4:03 PM 11/23/2023

Calbayog City— An unidentified cadaver of a male person was found drifting at the Jibatang river that stunned residents who were at the bridge as they witnessed the cadaver being carried by the current of the river about 8: 45 in the evening on Monday, Nov 20 in Brgy. Basud Lonoy here.

The residents immediately called the Barangay Officials who immediately called the City Disaster Risk Reduction Office about the incident to rescue the unidentified person.

Coast Guard Station Commander Ensign Joshua C Gabon, during an interview said that upon receiving the information the immediately responded to the area together with the BFP Rescue group and Calbayog City Police Station, PNP Maritime (MARPSTA) and hired two Motor Banca and departed to Brgy. Basud to conduct the search/ surface and scour for the said cadaver.

He said that at 9: 00 in the evening they were already in the Jibatangan River together with the Calbayog Quick Response Team led by CG PO2 Barry Boy S Bacolod, to scour the area from Brgy. Basud, Brgy. Cajumpan¸ Brgy Lonoy and Brgy. Saljag. He added that they scoured the area for more than four hours and at about 1:30 in the morning today they stopped their scouring operation due to strong flow of the river as heavy downpour of rain continued brought by the shear line and failed to recover the body.

Ensign Gabon continued that while they were in the scouring operation in the river a certain Kenneth Jalayajay, 20, single, a resident of Brgy. Cabacungan, this city approached the monitoring team and disclosed that the upper garment of the drifter cadaver is similar to the upper garment which his father wore when he was last seen alive in the evening of Nov. 18. He identified his father as Rolando Jalayajay, 40, married to Brgy. Cabacungan who was last seen attending the victory party of the newly elected barangay officials of the barangay.

The search and retrieval operation by the searching group for the drifted missing person continued but the cadaver remains to be found until press time today.


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