FEAR Youth NZPhoto by ARWS - Adventure Racing World Series

BiliranIsland.com Staff
First Posted 03:00M 11/24/2023

Naval, Biliran – New Zealand’s “Fear Youth” emerged victorious at the La Routa Adventure Race 2023 in Biliran on November 24, securing the title of Asia Regional Champions in the Adventure Racing World series.

This victory earns the team a prestigious free entry to the ARWS World Championship scheduled to take place in Ecuador in 2024.

CEO of ARWS, Heidi Muller, commended “Fear Youth” for their endurance, noting their determined push through the challenges, including a night without sleep and navigating with sore feet.

Despite intermittent tracking issues, the team persists in their quest, currently undertaking an extensive trek across the island to conclude during daylight hours. The race encompasses various activities such as trekking, paddling, mountain biking, navigation tests, and swimming.

A recent video shared on the team’s Facebook page captures the physical toll of the race, with members displaying scratches and bruises.

Furthermore, this achievement propels “Fear Youth” to the next level as they prepare to compete in the ARWS World Championships, solidifying their status as accomplished athletes in the global adventure racing community.


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