Talustusan-Sampao Road
Talustusan-Sampao Road

NAVAL, Biliran, Nov. 20, (BDEO) – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO) recently completes the road project connecting Sitio
Magtaran-an, Brgy. Talustusan of Naval and Brgy. Sampao of Almeria, Biliran.

With an allocation amount of P45 million, the said project involves the concreting of road opening
and road span with a total length of 850 linear meters, pavement thickness of 0.28-meter and
pavement width of 6.70-meter as well as drainage and slope protection features. This project is
funded under FY 2021 DPWH Regular Infrastructure Program.

The completion of the project is expected to benefit the community of Sitio Magtaran-an, Brgy.
Talustusan and Brgy. Sampao, a hinterland, in improving the mobility of people and faster
transport of farm products to the market centers in the capital town of Naval and to other urban
areas. Moreover, this road is essential as it also leads to the different tourist destinations in
Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran.

Ms. Susan A. Fajardo, a resident of Sitio Magtran-an, Brgy. Talustusan who has a farm in Brgy.
Sampao, Almeria attested to the difficulty they faced before the construction of the said project.
“Before, there were just bushes surrounding the area and a hilly slope which is very tiring to climb.
With this new concrete road, it is now very convenient. Also, we are no longer bothered by floods
because we no longer need to cross the river,” Ms. Fajardo said.

With the completion of the road concreting, Ms. Fajardo further expressed her delight and
appreciation for the realization of the project.

“We used to carry our harvested crops by head. But with the presence of this road, we can easily
use motorcycles to move our farm products. Thank you to DPWH for improving our road!,” Ms.
Fajardo exclaimed with facial expression showing full of gratitude. (hbc/cqs/pjl)


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