First Posted 06:59 PM 12/07/2023

Tolosa, Leyte— A stolen love affair ended in tragedy when the paramour stabbed dead his alleged mistress during a scuffle with the legal wife during an invasion about 2:20 in the morning on Wednesday, December 6, in Brgy Malbog here.
The victim was hidden by the police in the name of Mylene, 39, married, sari-sari store owner resident of Brgy. Bobonon, Alangalang, Leyte. The suspect was hidden by the police in the name of Jimmy, 33, married, meat butcher, and resident of Brgy. Malbog of this municipality.

A police investigator who opted to be not identified told said that the victim and the suspect had been on stolen moments for the past three years. However, lately the suspect has not visited the victim despite calling him through cellular phone and text. The police said that past 2:00 in the morning on Wednesday, the victim went to the house of the suspect to ask the suspect why he failed to visit her.

The police said that the victim knocked on the door hard of the suspects house and upon opening by the wife, the suspect allegedly immediately grabbed and pulled her hair and scuffled with her. The police said due to the noise, the suspect was awakened, and upon seeing his wife being attacked, the suspect got a kitchen knife and stabbed the victim several times that resulted in her instantaneous death. After the incident, the suspect sought the help of his older sister and voluntarily presented himself to the police station.

Tolosa MPS is preparing charges against the suspect who is temporarily detained at the locked-up cell of the local police.


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