First Posted 06:25 PM 12/07/2023

Culaba, Biliran— The alleged Rank No. 9 in the Regional Level who is also listed as a High Valued Individual in the Provincial Drug watchlist of this province falls during a buy bust operation conducted by the Station Drug Enforcement Team of the local police and the Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit (PDEU) of Biliran Provincial Police Office about 5: 05 in the afternoon on Tuesday, Dec. 5, in Brgy. Virginia here.

Police identified the suspect as a certain JR, 38, single, self-employed, and resident of Brgy. Marvel of this municipality.

Recovered from his possession was one sachet containing white crystalline substance suspected to be shabu and procured by an operative in the amount of P1000. During the conduct of a body search in front of elected Barangay Official and a representative from the National Prosecutors Office the searching cop recovered one pc P1000 which is a court subscribed money intended for the buy bust operation. The recovered suspected drug from the suspect has an estimated weight of 0.107 gram with an estimated amount of P1000 and no other illegal substance and item was recovered from the suspect.

The suspect was apprised of his Constitutional Rights through the Miranda Doctrine in a language that he understood.

Charges of violation of RA 9165, the Comprehensive Law against Illegal Drugs were already filed by the arresting police at the Provincial Prosecutors Office against the suspect who is temporarily detained at Culaba MPS.


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