First Posted 07:00 PM 12/07/2023

Culaba, Biliran— Local police arrested the No. 3 Most Wanted Person in the Province of Biliran for sexual assault about 2:45 in the afternoon on Wednesday, December 6, of this municipality.

The accused was identified only as a certain “Cello”.

The accused was arrested by virtue of a warrant of arrest dated November 21, 2023, and issued by Hon Constantino F. Esber, Executive Judge, 8th Judicial Region, RTC Branch 37 (Caibiran), Naval, Biliran, for the crime of Rape under article 266-A (I) (A) of the Revised Penal Code with CC No. CB-23-1050. The court held no bail for the temporary liberty of the accused.

The accused was apprised of his Constitutional Rights through the Miranda Doctrine in a language that he understood and was brought to Culaba MPS for documentation and proper disposition before turning him over to the issuing court.


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