First Posted 08:49 AM 01/11/2023

Culaba, Biliran— An internet installer lineman is currently recuperating at the Biliran Provincial Hospital for the injuries and burns he incurred after he touches a primary line of a local electric cooperative about 1: 00 in the on Wednesday, January 10, in Brgy. Marvel of this municipality.

The victim was identified as Dalman Vans, 28, single, Internet Installer and a resident of Brgy. Imelda of the Capital Town of the Province of Biliran Naval.

The police said that the incident occurred while the victim was installing an Internet Wire Fiber at the Post of Biliran Electric Cooperative (BILECO) in the said barangay. A co-worker of the victim who witnessed the incident identified as Gerald Dagel, 21, single, Internet Installer and a resident of Brgy. Larazabal, Naval, Biliran said that while the victim was installing, he accidentally touched the live wire that was attached to the post of BILECO. As a result, the police said the victim was electrocuted and sustained minor burns to his head and foot.

According to BILECO personnel who responded to the area, the victim accidentally touched a primary line of the coop resulting in his electrocution. Fortunately, the current came out from his body through a wound in his foot and did not result in his instantaneous death.

The police said that the victim was brought by his co-worker accompanied by BILECO personnel to the Rural Health Unit of this municipality for immediate medical attention and subsequently referred to Biliran Provincial Hospital Naval, Biliran for further medical treatment.


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