First Posted 04:16 PM 03/02/2024

Maripipi, Biliran— An internet installer died after he accidentally touched a livewire from the local electric cooperative about 10:15 in the morning on Tuesday, February 27, in Brgy. Agutay of this island municipality.

The victim was identified as Jayson Montino, 29, single, laborer/installer of Isla Net Fiber, and resident of Brgy. Panjobjoban 2, Almagro, Western Samar.

The local police led by Police Staff Sergeant Michael Roque Puno, responded to an alleged electrocution incident that transpired in the said place.

Initial investigation conducted by the local police from the witnesses disclosed that the victim and his team were installing the 12 CORE Fiber Wire at the vicinity in the said barangay with the victim using a company issued aluminum retractable stick to raise the fiber wire to be installed. However, the retractable stick accidentally touched the live wire of the Maripipi Multipurpose Cooperative (MMPC) which distributes electric power in Maripipi town, which caused him to be electrocuted.

The two companions identified only as Romo, 23, single and Monares, 23, both laborers/installers of Isla Net, and residents of Brgy. Panjobjoban 2, Almagro, Western Samar heard the victim shout and they rushed towards the victim who was trembling while still holding the issued aluminum retractable stick and fell onto the grassy portion at the place of the incident. The two companions helped the victim and called for a rescue vehicle.

The rescue vehicle arrived with Dr. Mary Grace R. Llever, MHO Maripipi RHU, who pronounced the victim dead on the spot through Cardiac Arrest Secondary to Electrocution due to High Voltage Wire. The time of death according to Dr. Llever was about 10:30 in the morning on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

The victim’s cadaver was brought to a local funeral parlor for post mortem examination before bringing his cadaver back to the Island Municipality of Almagro, Samar.


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