First Posted 09:11 AM 03/03/2024

Biliran, Biliran— A pedicab driver went to the police station here and brought himself a firearm he was hiding for quite a time about 4:10 in the afternoon on Tuesday February 27 at the Biliran MPS in Brgy. San Isidro of this municipality.

The volunteer was identified as a certain Pablito, 54, single, pedicab driver and a resident of Brgy. Villa Enage here.

Investigator Police Corporal Efren Palconit in an interview disclosed that Pablito surrendered the improvised rifle as it is already rusty after hiding this for a long time. He said that Pablito was also worried that he would be caught by the police because of their program “Oplan Katok” that they will conduct house to house visits to all persons that the police learned that owned firearms. He added that Pablito decided to surrender the improvised firearm to avoid being arrested.

The surrendered improvised caliber 7.62 is now under the custody of Supply PNCO of Biliran MPS for documentation and proper disposition.


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