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Tarangnan, Samar – The wife reported missing by her husband was found by a fisherman placed inside a sack, charred and chop-chop about 7:30 in the morning today March 2, along the shoreline in Brgy. Canunghan of this municipality.

The victim was identified as Joylen Digno, legal age, married a resident of Brgy. Canunghan here. The suspect was identified as Diego Lentejas, legal age, married also a resident of Brgy. Canunghan.

The police said that the husband of the victim identified as Gilbert reported to the station past 12: 00 noon on Friday, March 1 about his wife missing. She was last seen past 8: 00 in the morning that day on Friday.

However, past 4: 00 in the afternoon on Friday Brgy. Captain Arsenio Tamor called the police station through a cellular phone informing them that there was a found dead body in the said barangay. The local immediately proceeded to the place of incident to verify the veracity of the report and to conduct an investigation. Upon arrival in the area, the responding police saw a burnt body under the coconut tree near the seashore of Brgy. Canunghan, Tarangnan, Samar.

Brgy. Chairman Arsenio Tamor who was interviewed by local media said that upon discovering the dead body, they traced the place where the crime started after discovering traces of blood and found where the skirmish starts several meters up from the shore. Tamor said that they discovered the area as messy and wet because during the time the victim was subdued by the suspect, she was carrying a gallon of water that was poured out to the ground after she was subdued. Chairman Tamor added that they also found blood in the area believed to be coming from the victim’s body and after the victim died, she was brought to the coconut area at the shore and was burned.

But the body of the victim was not totally charred prompting the suspect to chop the body and throw the remains to the sea. However, the low tide prevented the sack from drifting to a far place that’s why it was discovered by a fisherman on his way to fishing past 3:00 in the morning today.

Yesterday, the Chairman Tamor told police that they saw a wet cloth near the burned area which he suspected as the cloth worn by the suspect earlier that day while conducting a hearing with the suspect from a complaint of a female neighbor who the suspect climbed in her house past 3: 00 in the morning on Friday. He said that the suspect was on his way to leave their barangay but was apprehended in the neighboring barangay of Pajo. The suspect was apprehended by the tanods and turned over to the police.

The local police informed the suspect of the nature of his arrest and was apprised of his constitutional rights through the Miranda Doctrine in a language that he understands.

Charges of murder are being readied by the arresting police against the suspect who denied involvement in the killing of the victim who is presently detained at the locked-up cell of Taranagnan MPS.


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