First Posted 08:34 PM 03/17/2024

Kawayan, Biliran— The local Bureau of Fire Protection is conducting a thorough investigation over the origin of the fire that gutted four classrooms at Mapuyo Elementary School, about 3:30 in the morning on Saturday, March 16, in Brgy. Mapuyo of this municipality.

The local police said that personnel from Kawayan MPS led by Police Lt. Rodolfo E. De Mesa, responded to a fire incident that transpired at the said school. Upon arrival in the area the fire was already suppressed by BFP Kawayan and affected one building with three others adjacent rooms of the said school.

Initial investigation disclosed that the fire was first discovered by Boy Rabora, a resident of the said barangay that during investigation disclosed that he noticed smoke coming from the second room of the said building and after confirming the presence of fire the latter immediately informed the residents from neighboring houses to prepare. After a while, he noticed that the appearance of fire was discontinued so he disregarded the incident and assumed that somebody had already reported the incident to BFP Kawayan.

However, when he returned after a few minutes, the fire had already spread to the three adjacent rooms and because it is made of combined concrete and light materials, the fire quickly spread. The affected areas according to school officials were the Grade 1 room under the advisory of Mrs Logro, the Kindergarten room under the advisory of Mrs Caingcoy, and the Grade 3 room under the advisory of Mrs Rafael.

The fire was declared under control by BFP at 6:08 in the morning and was declared fire out at 6:27 AM on the same date. The cause of the fire is still to be determined by the BFP Kawayan as the investigation is still ongoing.

No injuries/casualties were reported from the fire with an estimated damage of P1,728,000.


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