First Posted 12:52 PM 05/29/2024

Kawayan, Biliran— A nun is presently recuperating at the Intensive Care Unit of Biliran Provincial Hospital from gunshot wounds after an unidentified gunman shot her inside their dormitory at about 6:50 in the evening on Sunday, May 26, in Brgy. Burabod of this municipality.

Police identified the victim as Sister Gemma, 75 of the order of Our Lady of Peace, and a resident of a dormitory owned by the order. The unidentified suspect was described as a male person wearing a yellow jacket with a hood, with an estimated height of 5’4, skinny Cebuano-speaking.

The local police said that the station received a cellular phone call from a concerned citizen informing the local police that an alleged shooting incident transpired in Brgy. Burabod. The local police immediately proceeded to the reported place to verify the veracity of said report. Upon arrival in the area, the police added that learned that the victim was still in the area had sustained a wound at the back portion of her body, and was immediately brought to RHU Kawayan on board an ambulance for immediate medical assistance.

Initial investigation conducted by responding police disclosed that while the victim and a fellow nun identified as Sister Lina, 72, missionary sister of Our Lady of Peace, a resident of same Brgy., were inside of their house watching a mass in a television, with Mary Joy, 26, single, jobless, also a resident of same Brgy and a relative of the victim informed them that she saw a male person outside of their house calling for sisters. With this, Sister Lina went to the main door and saw the said male person looking for Sister Gemma. When Sister Gemma stood up from her chair and stood beside Sister Lina near the main door, the suspect immediately aimed an unknown pistol at Sister Gemma and fired two shots at the latter resulting in the victim falling to the pavement while the suspect immediately fled to unknown direction.

The victim was referred to Biliran Provincial Hospital (BPH) and sustained one gunshot wound on the Med Scapular Right with a possible fracture based on the finding of Dr. Plen Voltaire Dela Peña, attending physician.

Moreover, the local police are still conducting hot pursuit operations for possible identification and arrest of suspect of the suspect but failed.

A thorough investigation over the motive and identity of the lone suspect is being conducted by the local police.


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