Esperanza Cabucgayan

Municipality of Cabucgayan, Biliran Province

Esperanza (Poblacion) Cabucgayan, Biliran Island, Philippines

It has a population of 1,284 (2010 Census).

Legend says that as far as back in the Spanish regime in the 18th Century, an expidition of Spanish soldiers came to liberate the place from the marauding moros “Pulahan” who struck terror on lives of the early settlers. Reportedly the spaniards ask the natives the name of the place. The natives who were ignorant of the Spanish language thought a Spanish word – Esperanza.

Because of its lush vegetation in the farmlands, the daring and zealous nature of the settlers had high hopes for a growing and prosperous settlement. With hope and aspiration, industry and skill in farm life the settlement would prosper. Thus with their hopeful spirit, the early settlers gave the name “Esperanza” meaning “HOPE” – Paglaum, to the settlement. Till date Esperanza is now a growing barangay in the municipality of Cabucgayan and is the original name of Cabucgayan.


Patron Saint:

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Arendayen, Joseph Randall Cordeta


Dadizon, Ida Azores
Palconit, Rufo Pelen
Gollina, Lislie Solamo
Falguera, Expedita Ibañez
Arabiana, Nenita Dematawaran
Paa, Teddy Cordeta
Mendoza, Leonito Mopon

SK Chairman: Azores, Reynante Lamoste

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