Biliran Circumferential Road Naval Eastern Visayas PH

Houses Hamburg and London is recently built and is situated on the Biliran Island. Biliran and Leyte belong to the largest group of Philippine islands called Visaya. Biliran Island is connected via a bridge to the north coast of Leyte its longitude is 32 Km and latitude 18 Km. The capital city of Biliran is Naval.

There are lots of magnificent water falls, stunning rivers, spectacular rice terraces, hot water springs on the Island and a well world known diving spot between Malapasqua Island and Biliran Island.

The Houses is located on the doorstep of Visaya sea in Agpangi about 2,4 Km north of Naval city center. Between Naval and Agpangi lies the Anas River which flows towards the sea. During low tide sand banks appear in front of the property, creating a beautiful and safe place for children to play as the sea level rises slowly. Further afield you will find corals right in front of the houses.

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