My 3 Amazing Naval Town Eats

by: Lazy Georgie

-There is no love sincerer than the love of food- Shaw

Like all foodies, I trace my love of food back to my sister, I was the dorky 16 and she was the cool one. And like all ate’s she was appalled that my idea of a cuisine was grilled or fried and that my #1 foodie crave was Cindy’s.

She wasted no time in educating my palate, from that time on I learned to be discerning. I am no connoisseur but my tummy definitely knows if the food is more than edible.

So here’s my wrap –up for my foodie craze in Naval, Biliran.

1. Adaone at D’Mei Residence


D’Adaone Bar & Restaurant. 2nd Floor, D’Mei Residence Inn, Padre Inocentes Street, Naval, Biliran.

Adaone’ serves a fusion of Asian and Western dishes; the place where you can have good music over good food soothing with a homey ambience. Best for a lazy lunch or dinner, their food presentation is classy. You will also enjoy their live music at selected nights. My favorite is their nachos accompanied with salsa and cheese. For heavier meals try their pasta and as for the steak on the rare side my friend was happy that the chef did it just right. Their refreshments are good but I wouldn’t recommend their halo-halo, it doesn’t just have the classic pinoy taste. The downside is if you’re looking for a “student” food trip this is not the place to go. Their rice meal is around 200 php per plate. Overall this place has the best service in town.

Overall: Average Price per head 200-300

2. Jelo’s Snack Bar

Located right in the center of the town, Jelo’s is the to go place for shoppers and students. It is a food heaven as they have a wide selection of menu from drink, meals to desserts. Personal favorites are their chopsuey, salpicao and their liempo. But I wouldn’t recommend their mango shake, it tastes like concentrated juice instead of the fresh one. The coffee selection is nice but it’s pricey.

Overall: Majority of the food is nice, place is pleasant but the service is slow.

3. Lola Tanang’s

If you are looking for a good old Filipino food this is the place to go. Chef Leo really knows how to celebrate all the sinful food (e.g. crispy pata) in their glory. Best place to pig out and to hang out with a couple of beers now and then. Their chicken sa gata tastes really good.

The restaurant is for people who just want to casually dine and eat good local cuisine. There are also private ktv rooms for those who like to host a small party. The interiors of the place are too dim and their fried chicken too salty.

Downside: The servings are too moderate for my appetite and the service i have say 2 out of 5. The wi-fi it doesn’t work.

Please let me know your honest opinions and if you can recommend a new restaurant in town, i would be happy to try it out. thank you

Disclaimer: My blog is a creative outlet, whatever the opinions stated, do not reflect the tastes of the Biliranon people.

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