our favourite biliran photos, album 1:(2006-2009)
  1. tinago falls 2006
  2. 2008...our favourite swimming hole... (secret location!)
  3. our favourite swimming hole, 
 (note the natural round bowl formed by the hot thermal water...and the small 'orange' waterfall behind it where the...
  4. close up of sulphur crystalls at Libtong hot springs
  5. my gwapa at Agta beach with a beautiful biliran sunset...
  6. casuwan falls 2007
  7. biliran watch tower, just up from the bridge (look for the sign-its close to the road, opposite from the old school(?))...
  8. my big hand holding an even bigger prawn! asus! masurap!!!!
  9. dalutan island
  10. dalutan island
  11. dalutan island (off agta beach) 2006
  12. casuwan falls 2007
  13. casuwan falls 2007
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