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  1. Do you believe things happen for a reason?
  2. Living a life without religion? Can you imagine it? Good or Evil?
  3. Why are Filipinos killing each other?
  4. Religion A Form Of Philosophy?
  5. What is truth?
  6. Difference between religion and Philosophy
  7. Why we are so in touch to politics
  8. Do you believed that karma will happened to anyone?
  9. Should DIVORCE be legalized in the Philippines?
  10. Gay Priest
  11. what do you prefer?
  12. Why Do People Lie?
  13. Crab Mentality!
  14. Why is the word Bible can't be found in the Bible
  15. Why Some People Kill Thier Self?
  16. Cheaper Medicine Bill..nakakagamot o nakapagpalala?
  17. Drug Samples
  18. Love months!!! Love is sweeter for the second time around!!!
  19. why is that some people love to criticize other people?
  20. Remembering God
  21. Article on contraception in Manila
  22. Question: "What does the Bible say about tattoos / body piercings?"
  23. Corruption in the government
  24. To ban prostitution
  25. The ONLY proper function of the government
  26. Ang Mga Larawan Ng Santo Ba'y Bawal?
  27. anong gagawin mo kung nalaman mong...
  28. Ang School Bus
  29. why is it so?
  30. Bawal ba talaga ang kumain ng Pork??
  31. Heaven or Hell??
  32. Faith Versus Reason
  33. gugma vs. ambisyon!?
  34. Religious Faith and Religious Tradition
  35. Prove that your mother loves you!
  36. grammatical errors
  37. Loan sharks/usurers in Biliran Province, uncontrollable?
  38. What is important to you!
  39. what do you think?
  40. Uso pa ba?
  41. Reynareynahan sa Sta. Cruzan
  42. Truth or consequence?
  43. Alternative mode of Transportation
  44. Sex Education?
  45. Mga Pekeng mangangaral (false prophets)
  46. US Democrat Nomination for President
  47. does religion really matter in a relationship?
  48. Sudden Fare Hike of Sikad-sikad fare in Naval
  49. About Hitler
  50. san ba dapat?
  51. Bakit kailangan pang ligawan?
  52. Christianity and Islam and Blind Faith
  53. NEWS BLACKOUT to save Biliran Tourism
  54. THE MORALITY OF PROFIT: Good or evil?
  55. Who is to blame??
  56. Bakit ang katoliko ayaw ng scientific birth control?
  57. Points of ponder
  58. The Lord's Day: Sabbath or Sunday?
  59. Angay ba mag apil apil ang mga pari sa politika?
  60. Is everything possible to God?
  61. Jesus Christ's birth, why always on December 25th?
  62. As the days of creation are ordinary days in length??
  63. Don't Make Her Cry!
  64. Religion: the root of corruption?
  65. Should our next Constitution ban political dynasties?
  66. The 9th commandment, is this the key to all of them?
  67. Will the cost of electricity drop when a geothermal power plant operates in Biliran?