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  1. Give a list of corrupt officials and candidates in your town
  2. Elections in Biliran: Your Predictions Please
  3. Election violence
  4. boto mo, boses mo
  5. Corporate position to deadly politics
  6. Circus and politics are alike
  7. Time to change
  8. Good luck Naval and whole of Biliran Province
  9. biliran election update
  10. •TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE?– all bloggers: you decide!
  11. Final arguments in Erap plunder case
  12. Opposition control of Senate
  13. law against dynasties
  14. Corruption? or Mismanagement...
  15. Gun ban in Mindanao?
  16. Can Gov. Espina save his popularity?
  17. Five Reasons Why Former Naval Mayor Gerry Espina Failed in the last Election?
  18. Who do you want to be the next Biliran Governor?
  19. Separation of Church and State?
  20. Lame Duck
  21. connect glorietta bombing and malacañang bombing
  22. Naunsa na..?? si Espina?
  23. The perks of being congressman
  24. The job of Congressmen
  25. bribes and corruption
  26. What is corruption?
  27. Political Dynasty
  28. Being a Good Leader
  29. Join for a peaceful political change in the Philippines...
  30. All about Trillianes
  31. Kung siya ikaw
  32. Worse corruptors?
  33. Taxes on text messages?
  34. JDV says he will join the opposition to expose corruption
  35. Family affair
  36. Cayetano to JDV: Reveal Arroyo gov't 'corruption' via Senate probe
  37. On the issue about the ZTE Broadband Scandal
  38. what is the common denominator between arroyo and marcos government???
  39. One representation
  40. Political turmoil may weigh down Philippine economy
  41. The Parliament
  42. EO 464 dapat bang alisin o amyendahan???
  43. Wonderful Letter
  44. Righteous Distinguished Gentlemen
  45. God Bless the Philippines
  46. The Spratlys Issue
  47. Bigas
  48. Affordable Medicines
  49. Stiff Regulations in controlling Issuance of Drivers License
  50. Sobrang Taas ng Gasolina
  52. Issue of Ces Drilon kindnapping incident
  53. SONA of GMA
  54. The ninoy aquino conspiracy
  55. Executive Clemency
  56. Poor Examples of the Arroyo Government
  57. Walang Alam?
  58. Enough time for GMA
  59. The Arrogance of sir-Raul-lo Gonzalez
  60. Rise biliran, mabuhay biliran says no to mining in biliran
  61. Expenditures On Wrong Priorities
  62. Ombudsma'am Merceditas Gutierrez
  63. Obama warns the corrupt!
  64. Why GMA is not Obama...
  65. Ombudsman - a concept
  66. A Nation of Servants?
  67. Arresting Jun Lozada
  68. Arresting Jun Lozada Part II
  69. Arresting Jun Lozada Part III
  70. Arresting Jun Lozada Part IV
  71. The Case Against Cheche Lazaro Part I
  72. 90% of cops cant shoot straight
  73. Error-filled Books
  74. Did Cong. Glen Chong voted for Con-Ass?
  75. 90% of cops can't shoot straight part 1
  76. Representa-thieves
  77. philippine democracy: authentic or not?
  78. TESDA Biliran Office Announcements
  79. Are we really in a financial crisis?
  80. RP electoral reforms
  81. TESDA bought items overpriced by as much as 4000%
  82. The Dahlia Experience
  83. Where does our representa-thieves leading us to?
  84. Lawmakers seeking revival of Cha-cha
  85. Why is BiliranIsland.com important to the politicians in Biliran?
  86. Biliran School Bus
  87. Reliable sources say Atty. Lolita Nueve will run for Naval mayor
  88. Republic Act 10172
  89. 2016 Elections: The Battle of the Presidential Resumes