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  1. The making of condom
  2. Fundamentals of Human Needs
  3. Believing from nothing.
  4. Something to think about.
  5. frog from hell
  6. King Arthur- Myth? or History?
  7. The Meaning of Sex
  8. For the New Intellectual
  9. Why marry or not marry?
  10. Strange but True..
  11. save GOD's gift
  12. Feeling of being Isolated
  13. Modern Embryology from Holy Qur'an
  14. Objective Ethics
  15. Deep Thinking
  16. God Created the Universe from Nothing
  17. Pondering on the Sign of God
  18. The Ability to See the Signs of God
  19. The Scientific World is Turning to God
  20. Mental Health versus Mysticism and self-Sacrifice
  21. Isn't Everyone Selfish?
  22. The Psychology of Pleasure
  23. Man's rights
  24. Scientists Confirm the Sign of God
  25. The Nature of Government
  26. How Old is Our Earth?
  27. If God created the universe, then who created God?
  28. Science and Faith:Enemies
  29. Thinking objectively
  30. - Bacteria solves mathematical puzzle
  31. The feather
  32. A Devine Chat
  33. A Very Interesting Conversation