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12-10-2007, 11:53 PM
i just want to share this one...

Dear $%&$#$#",

clue? secret... hehe
Love moves in mysterious way by NINA MYMP...
Love Moves in mysterious way by Nina

“Love exists in which reason cannot fathom beyond…”

I still remember the song of Nina, which the lyric goes this way…”love moves in mysterious way…” Oftentimes, the song is not being recognized, but the spirit of the song is actually manifesting every now and then! Perhaps, it exist to some whom may have understood love in a deeper way, to other people who devoted themselves in loving someone, and even to some people who are still wandering to find love.

Proudly, I am one of those who believe that love indeed moves in a mysterious way. Lovers may be apart from each other, as to one go astray in loving, and things may go wrong, yet all those moves for the reason of love. To love someone is to offer the most precious gift. A gift, which not even a genius can fathom, for a very simple explanation that love is the only reality that exist in this world that no need reason, for reason will rotten and ruin the essence of loving.

I still remember the time when I told you that I am surrendering. No, I’m not. I was just trying to utter the reverse because of my ambivalent feeling, and that I give myself more time to filter such emotion. And in the same way, I am also giving you more time to think of whether to accept my offer or not. I am not actually insisting, rather I’m trying to be persistent because I hope that later on you will be able to realize my pure and heartfelt intention. I can humbly wait until the time you will be ready to enter the real way of life, and that is the road to genuine happiness, called LOVE.

Now, once again I am here to offer myself to you, begging you to please just give me a chance to love you. And that’s more than enough. I know it is so hard to win your heart, but even if I might be faltering over and over again, I keep staggering on and being optimistic that someday you will come to realize that real love is knocking at your door, patiently waiting for you.

You’d asked me then my reasons of feeling such. Mysteriously, I myself don’t even know why I am feeling and acting this way. You are actually driving me crazy of thinking over you. Please don’t get me wrong dear. What I am trying to emphasize is, I keep thinking of you almost all day long, and no matter how hard I’m trying to forget and ignore this feeling I feel for you, all the more it is flourishing. Tedious, but I feel so helpless. And, I keep asking myself why this feeling is dominating over me making me weaker and weaker, slaving this poor soul of mine. But, don’t you worry my dear because I’ll be saving my last breath for you. I may be sounding corny, but it’s true.

If you are still waiting for the right time dear, I tell you it won’t come. Because Love does not exist in the horizon of time, nor settle in some void. Only skeptic thinks that way. So you don’t have to be afraid in giving merit to my offering because since then I am giving you the assurance that only you and you alone I will be caring for. I am making this promise in the name of my love for you, and that promise should be fulfilled and respected.

You said that you are prioritizing your studies, and I salute you for that. Well, I am not going to demand you anything, especially if it involves with your studies because I understand how important it is for you to be able to concentrate and finish your chosen goal. In fact, I am very much willing to help you whenever you need me in any aspect of your life. Just simply call me and I’ll be there for you as long as I am standing right beside you. Please do your best and I’ll be at your side to support you.

Lastly, I know I must be a bad shooter because I’ll keep missing you. But, it doesn’t matter much to me. I know I can’t win go against the current of my feeling to you because MYSELF is too powerful that even me can’t control it, especially when I think of you. What’s in you ba talaga dear??? I am puzzled by that mystery for quite a long time, but I am happy for because of you a lot of mysterious things happened in my life. I am so in love with you and that love letting me moves in mysterious way…


12-10-2007, 11:57 PM
basted man lang gihapon ko ani.... paets.. :stupido::dontknow:

12-11-2007, 04:36 AM
Ang Haba Haba Naman Kasi Ng Sulat Mo..eh Sorry Akap At Kiss Lang Naman Ang Katumbas Nyan. At Siempre Kailangan Maging Totoo Ka Sa Promise Mo.. Pareho Namang Nagmahalan Bakit Gawin Pang Complicated Hayy Pag-ibig ..hala Mag Usap Ng Mahinusay.bago Puso Mag Ka Gutay Gutay.agi Sakita Pagibig Nga Giatay

12-11-2007, 12:42 PM
Wow, nice one jalmz..... She's so lucky to have that pure love of yours. May she will entertain your precious love. Be a good shooter, shoot her squarely in her heart so you will knock her out.... Good Luck WebMaster... :D:D

12-11-2007, 02:22 PM
jalmz, very poetic man gyod ka oi:) don't you worry about feeling jilted....God will find a way for her to soften her callous heart, if you two belonged together!!!;) or, perhaps, she doesn't deserve your love....GOOD LUCK!

02-08-2010, 05:36 PM
Wow, nice one jalmz..... She's so lucky to have that pure love of yours. May she will entertain your precious love. Be a good shooter, shoot her squarely in her heart so you will knock her out.... Good Luck WebMaster... :D:D

Yesss try to be a good shooter but clearly identify your target..!!! HEART ok--- not the other part were you might reproduce..... hehehe :) amen part! :):)

02-09-2010, 11:31 PM
I believe, writing is one of your natural born talent Lon :)