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02-20-2008, 01:14 PM
Predictions happened Year 2006:

2006-JAN-25: James Kingsley predicted a major "Earthquake Storm" near Los Angeles, CA. It was to start shortly after midnight of 2006-JAN-25, last for 2 hours, and be centered in Redondo Beach. The individual quakes range in magnitude from 7.1 to 7.9, and will be called "The Big One". 4

2006-MAY-25: Eric Julien of the Exopolitics Institute predicted that a remnant from a comet would hit the Atlantic ocean and generate massive tsunami almost 200 meters (650 feet) in height. Most heavily affected will be the Atlantic coasts between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. He predicted that there will be tens of millions of deaths. North America and Europe was to be hit with less devastating tsunamis. Dozens of underwater volcanoes were to erupt, raising the temperature of the ocean to the boiling point. He based these predictions on a series of visions that he has had. 5

2006-JUN-06: According to an E-mail that we received, the writer believes that "666," the number of the beast mentioned in the biblical book of Revelation, is really a date: 06/06/06 or 2006-JUN-6. He expected the rapture and start of the tribulation on that date.
A movie "The Beast" was released. The story involves the discovery that Jesus Christ never existed. "The authors of the Gospels, writing 40 to 90 years after the supposed life of Christ, never intended for their works to be read as biographies." 6 The screen play involves apparently involves a momentous event in 2006-JUN-06 (6-6-06). What the event is is unclear. The staff have been sworn to secrecy. Nothing notable happened.

2006-AUG-22: Glenn Beck, anchor for CNN Headline News, predicted on 2006-AUG-09 that AUG-22:

"... is the day that Israel might be wiped off the map, leading to all-out Armageddon. ... [It] could be the day that Agnostics get down on one knee and start to pray, 'Sweet Jesus, are you coming today'? "

When AUG-22 arrived without any sign of Armageddon, Beck responded to a critical E-mail from a viewer by saying:

"I wasn't predicting Armageddon today. ... We talked about the predictions of renowned Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis. It is amazing to me to be called a nut job for quoting a scholar who thinks we might expect aggressive behavior from a man who wants to wipe Israel off the map. I know. Sounds crazy! But, hey, who has time to actually listen?" 7

SEP-08/09: The Lord's Witness and the True Bible Code predicted that a nuclear bomb will hit the UN plaza in Manhattan on the Sabbath, sometime between sundown on SEP-08 and sundown on SEP-09. This is the same group who predicted that the UN would take over the world sometime between 2001-MAR-26 and APR-24 and that a word-wide famine would being during 2001-SEP.

SEP-12: The House of Yahweh issued a news release stating that nuclear war was to begin on SEP-12. The war would start around the Euphrates River. Their leader, Yisrayl Hawkins, says that the countdown to the nuclear war began with the signing of the Oslo accords on 1993-SEP-13. He interprets the Book of Daniel as stating that this is a seven year agreement but would take 14 years to be fully carried out. He interprets Revelation as implying that nuclear war would begin a year, a month and a day prior to the end of the Oslo agreement. Hawkings has posted a video clip on YouTube.com that explains his predictions. 9

Eliezer Kamotho, an elder of the House of Yahweh group in Kenya, said that North Korea's nuclear bomb test on 2006-OCT-09 proved that a nuclear war was about to begin.

DEC-17: Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda predicted that Jesus Christ's second coming would happen in Puerto Rico on DEC-17. His website stated, in part:
"Este 17 de diciembre, el mundo será testigo de la segunda venida de Cristo. El Rey de Reyes llega a suelo boricua. Puerto Rico será el escenario donde cientos de personas presenciarán en vivo, mientras millones sintonizarán v*a satélite, el evento que marcará el rumbo de la historia."

A rough translation is:

"This December 17th the world will be a witness of the second coming of Christ. The king of kings will touch upon the boricuan [Hispanic] land. Puerto Rico will be the stage where hundred’s of people will witness 'live' while millions will watch through satellite TV the event that will put a mark upon history." 10

It didn't happen either.


Never believe in baseless predictions. Believe only what is written in the Book of Life.

02-21-2008, 09:00 AM
....prediction define as a statement or claim that a particular event will occur in the future in more certain terms than a forecast. ..

... it is something like a warn or a forsight that might happen. All of this predictions doesnt mean it will happen .. some other people thinks about what would happend but thy dont act what is the right thing to do in order to solve or or to prevent it, not only in terms of war or what ever raptures that might occur,, but also in our personal life..

the premonition we feel, the intuition .. but according to jeff
Never believe in baseless predictions. Believe only what is written in the Book of Life....

02-21-2008, 01:07 PM
Everything man made has flaws...so we follow those with out flaws and that is the book of life.