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03-02-2008, 09:06 PM
hello kind people of biliran!

my wife is having a hard time finding a live-in house maid. her auntie has been helping, but she has kids and a store so cant be there enough.

maybe someone on this site knows of someone looking for a comfortable place to stay and a little work.

My wife is a very nice honest & homely person. shes quiet and easy to get along with. previously she was a housemaid herself and has sold vegetables in the mercado.
in the house we have her 14 year old sister and our 7 month old baby boy. the house is reasonably nice and comfortable, its in Catmon, and we rent it.

the applicant will have her own room with a fan and get to watch satellite tv. we have a registered scooter for running into town for food etc...
duties are mainly for a companion and yaya/housemaid. basically just helping out with the baby as my wifes back gets sore from carrying him. some washing/ cooking will be involved. its not hard work and pay will increase as performance improves. this is a position that could last for years if all people are comfortable with each other...

Im currently overseas but will be returning soon. when i get back we will go for the odd camping trip in our old dual cab multi-cab and will take the maid with us (she can share a tent with my wifes sister)... we like travelling and all have a great time seeing beautiful new places...

were looking for someone who is honest, quiet, & doesnt have a boyfriend. she's there to help and im not paying someone to be txting b/f's all day! my main concern is the safety of my wife & our son, she will have to always think of thier safety. (and the safety of everyone else, including herself!)

we live a quiet, safe and harmonious lifestyle and are happy christian people.
I'm not a rich foreigner, our house is pretty basic, but we eat well and we cook our own bread and will be growing our own veges... hmmm lami!

its a good position for someone looking for a secure family environment with a chance to improve as time goes by...

so if you know anyone who will fit this description please pass my wifes number on to her.
My wifes number is:


my email address is: [email protected]

salamat daghan kind people!

Bill Gregory
03-03-2008, 01:02 AM
.........a couple of comments/suggestions.

Good maids are hard to find.

Honesty is a weird commodity - just don't give any opportunity for theft

If the work is light, the maid will be lazy and watch television in her room at every opportunity. The cushier the job, surprisingly, the more likely she will be to leave

This is so so important. Your wife needs to take the maid on day one and clean with her to show the standards that are expected and acceptable. Supervise this! No - you and your wife are just nodding assent - you don't yet believe me. Do exactly as I say. Exactly! Thank me later.

You may be asking the impossible - a live-in maid without a husband and family or one without a boyfriend.

03-03-2008, 05:52 AM
yeah Bill youre right...
we had one once before and Em caught her stealing her clothes etc. so she was kicked out that day. I dont want anyone lazy and im a hard worker myself, so i tend to set high standards in our household! and theres definately no sitting around all day watching tv! (weve only got the 1 so no tv in the room!).
hope to catch up with you soon and take some money off you and the lads....

in the poker game!

say hi to everyone for me and if theres anything you need brought over in early april see Emelyn.... take care buddy! phil...

03-03-2008, 09:21 AM
very good looking family you have there, phil...wondered if you received the email i sent yesterday....take care...

03-03-2008, 05:50 PM
thanks camille and i appreciate your genuine help.

unfortunately running this add has led to a big problem.

sorry for any inconvienience it may have caused.

my wife doesnt want anyone contacting her...


i dont know... im thousands of miles away, and feel so totally helpless...
very sad situation here...

03-03-2008, 10:07 PM
don't worry, phil....it dawned on me that i know who owned the house that you rented...my niece, cathy, informed me that eventhough your wife doesn't know her name, they always exchange pleasantries everytime they see each other...hope she has better luck in finding a housemaid...perhaps one of her relatives can help her with the household chores....:)