View Full Version : Stiff Regulations in controlling Issuance of Drivers License

05-07-2008, 06:37 AM
The Government should look deeply in the issue of issuance of drivers license. I have read many incidents of motor accidents and most of the accidents cause lives. The main cause of such trauma is because of carelessness and ignorance of traffic rules. Many will drive with out helmets, others just drive below age requirements (as young as 12 to 16 years old). There are also drivers, just drive out of their senses (neuro problems). Acquiring drivers license in our country is very easy as like eating hot cakes. I think the government should regulate or make more rigorous policies to curve such tragedies

05-07-2008, 11:46 AM
You made a very good point addressing this issue as I can relate to this. So few months ago I came home for an emergency visit and from the Airport I had to take taxi, while seated I backled my seatbelt on.. I notice the driver was staring at me when doing it and made a comment "are you scared, don't worry I'm not a bad driver" I said oh no this is something mandatory as a motorist or passenger to have their seatbelts on when the vehicle is in motion, then he laughed at me and said "nobody pays attention to that"!! that comments itself tells me that these drivers aren't properly trained/informed the cause of not having seatbelts on and also imply the luck of law inforcement. Then we came across traffic in the main roads..OMG!!! I saw all kinds of traffic violation across the road left and right...I was in a dazed watching how people maneuver to be able to get where they wanna be and could careless if they had violated the law or if it could cause an accident. I realized how dangerous it is to drive in Manila I could never ever imagine myself driving in the metro never!!!unless our traffic regulations changed. THen I flew to Tacloban from tacloban to where my parents live wasn't bad at all it was quite a drive but not as crazy as I experienced in Manila but anyway. So when I got to my parents house I realized that we are approximatly 35 mins away from Naval and we had to ride on those motorcycles to get to Naval..boy!! at first it was nerve-wracking to me knowing I was getting on them motorcycle for 35 mins but then having few rides back and fort I got used to it. Don't get me wrong though, I grew up riding with jeepney and tricyle not much with the motorcyle but back then I didn't really realized how bad the consequences if you get in an accident until I actually start driving myself and one day came across to an intersection with crushed vehicle, an ambulance raging around and closed road traffic signs. So looking at these 14-yr old driving a motorcycle without an helmet going 45miles per hr in a residential area that only probably requires 25 miles per hr speed limit makes me nervous!!!I saw a couple young teenager in Naval driving those motorcyles and drove like they owned the road, now how concerning is that!?!?!.
I think our government officials need to take action on this matter and keep a strict watch over who they're issuing the drivers license to.
You are absolutely in the right topic for this issue. Biliran is such a beautiful place to be in and it would really helps everyone of us and especially our tourist to be more comfortable to get around if everyone follow the rules and traffic regulations.

05-09-2008, 03:22 PM
1. Mostly I observed some of our local drivers when driving, they use the sidewalk or shoulder like a main street because they said they're in a hurry.

2. Others use their finger to stir their steering wheel (exibition lalo kung may chicks na katabi).

3. Others just drive not knowing what is the "right of way".

4. Others intentionally bump the rear end of another vehicle hoping they can get ahead of the pack (mostly in toll ways).

5. There are others don't understand traffic signs; what's the difference between a single line and a double solid line.

6. There are others too thinking yellow light means "rev your engine the race is about to start". My goodness!!!!