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05-23-2008, 12:33 PM
Sumtyms religion is one of the hindrance of relationship...lovers may willing to sacrifice everything for their luv..but how about their parents nd other pipol hu maybe affected?
ok! we may say nvermind them bsta mprtante msya ka!? hmmm pro d ata mdali..mahirap maging masaya knwing that der r pipol hu r sad or suffering nd against of ur decsion, lalo na kng ung mga taong un ay mahal mo rin.

Pero mahal nyo tlga ang isa't-isa...

I may say "To Luv is to sacrifice...":rolleyes:

05-23-2008, 05:29 PM
Well, i have already experienced this. Yes, many can say that "religion" can be a hindrance in a relationship. But i found out it can be the other way.. Ang isang malaking katanungan sa mga humaharap sa ganyang case eh Sino ba mas mahal mo, Diyos o tao? Medyo mhabang kwento ito.. Maybe some would'nt understand my experience.. But I think maybe somebody out there also can consider my experience a good example.. Let me just share my story.

Dear Charo.. (joke lng.. hehe..) My GF is a member of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and I am a Christian (born-again, as the world calls it a religion). On our first year, we just ignored the differences that we have in faith. We love each other so much, I personally loves her so much, She is my first Gf, and I had already plans for both of us.. And then the day comes when the conflict in faith started to come out. I'm an active member of a church as a bass player of the music team. She is also active in thier church. On middle of our 2nd year we started to debate about the word of God that sometimes leads to fights, because I tell you theres some out-of-this-world beliefs that their church teach them. But our love for each other was still so strong.. I believe in the bible alone as the manual of life, the final authority. But they have the book of mormon, they say that it is also the word of God. We know that the bible talks about wifes to be submissive to thier husbands, it was a command, not an option. So one day i asked my Gf that if we are going to get married, she has to follow me, meaning she has to leave thier church. And she replied to me and said, "No, hindi mangyayari un, never akong sisimba sa church nyo" Man, i tell you, I was crushed inside by hearing those words.. para akong lata ng softdrink na tinapakan, because it's as if she said "no" to my wedding proposal.. But still my love for her was strong, and so is she.. And the debates went on and on.. We both love the Lord, hindi kami yung tipong tao na mababaw lng pagdating sa faith, na kahit saan nlng mapunta ok lng. I started to ask some advice to my friends, and one of them said "Pare, ikaw ang lalake, dapat ikaw nlng ang magbigay" I was like whhhaaatt?? Nakita ko kung gaano kababaw ang friend ko na un sa faith. And I know theres a lot out there na gaya ng friend ko ang mentality. I was really struggling to save our realtionship kc it was really like were both heading for a dead end. But we still love each other so much. But she would'nt give-up her faith. There came a time na we both knew that break-up is just around the corner, we would hug each other tight and cry. It felt sooo heavy.. I knew that God wanted me to give-up on her muna to focus on Him. Something inside of me was saying "let her go, unahin mo muna ako" And I knew from the beggining that it was the still small voice of God speaking to me. Remember Abraham when God asked him to give-up his beloved son Isaac, God instructed Abraham to kill Isaac and offer him as a burnt offering for the Lord. God of course was only testing Abraham's faith if he would keep Isaac or Obey Him. That was also the same thing that God was asking me to do, to give-up my love life for Him. But I was really not willing. I was not ready, I love her so much. Nangangatwiran ako sa Diyos noon, I would say to the Lord, "kaya ko to Lord, mpapalipat ko rin sya ng church. Galawin mu na lahat ng parte ng buhay ko, pero hayaan mu muna ako sa lovelife ko, kaya ko to Lord, kaya ko to" I was so stubborn at that time.. I would pray to Him and ask Him why are we experiencing this.. And me and my Gf loved each other so much even though we can no longer see a future for both of us, as the dead end was getting closer and closer we held tighter to each other..

Then one day i stumbled on a video documentary on youtube about their church, questioning the reliability of the book of mormon. The video showed stuffs about the book that are questionable, and even mormons don't know the answers.. I showed the video to her. And from there she started to get confused about the truth. I keept on convincing her to leave thier church, but still i fail. She was really sure that thier church holds the truth, that it was Jesus who built the mormon church. But as she started investigating and searching, it proves some of thier doctrines are wrong, for example, they were taught that the Almighty God today was just like us humans before, that he was elevated to Godhood, and we are all His sons including Jesus as the first born, and Jesus and Satan are brothers. And that we can be also elevated to Godhood and we can have a chance to rule and be the God of another planet.. Still i try to convince her but i fail. God was still speaking to me to give her up. And I continued to disobey the still small voice in me. And then the day comes that i got tired of convincing her, it's as if I had already done evrything i can and failed. I remeber praying to God for help, and i said to Him, "I give-up Lord, i'm raising the white flag, i'm withdrawing my hands from my lovelife, and i am handing it over to You" At that time ipinasa-Diyos ko na ang lovelife ko, I let God to work on her, to speak to her, to convince her. Now I was open to the idea of letting her go. She asked me for a space and time to search for truth, and for me also to focus on the Lord. We still love each other so much. We both knew that it is better for us to seaprate muna, and we did. We broke-up the same day as our monthsary.. Before she was focus on reading their book (book of mormon), but as she shifted her focus on reading the bible, and attending teaching in our church, madaming narereveal sa kanya na wrod of God, and she found truth in the bible.

Now she decided to leave thier church. See, God did not fail me. Pag Sya ang trumabaho, walang bulilyaso.. Now my "X-Gf" is consistently attending in our church and is experiencing intense closeness to God that she never experienced in her previous church. And as for me nman, still faithfull on my ministry work as part of the music team, and is also focused on God, offering my whole being to Him, no stirngs attached. We still love each other, we just decided to work on our spiritual maturity before we start a new beggining again. We constantly see each other sa church, we still talk, we still text each other, minus lng ung "i luv you at i miss u".. Still to this date I have never fallen out of love for her, and will never be.. I know God has a great plan for us, He is just preparing a strong Godly family, w/c is deeply rooted in Him. I know someday we will be back into each others arms, only God knows the time, I know He will not fail the both of us, He has already proven Himself and His faithfulness to me and my "X". Sa ngaun enjoy muna kami sa presence Nya. Cguro kung hindi ako nag obey sa Kanya, malamang ibang-iba kinahantungaun ng relationship namin ngaun... Truly God works in mysterious ways..

As for the question above, YES! having one faith in a relationship in very important! A relationship that is rooted in the truth of God. Alam nman natin na and Diyos ang dapat na foundation ng isang relationship, not only sa mga married, also sa mga nasa stage plang ng BF/GF. Talo tau kung ang love lng ang gagawin nating foundation. Kasi ang love, nababawasan, humihina, or worst, nwawala. But if the presence of God is in the midst of our relationship, wala tayong worries, yes dadaan prin tau sa trials and difficulties, pero ang importante meron tayong matibay na mkakapitan. The bible says in Psalm 127:1 "Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain." Pede nating sabihin yan na "Unless the LORD builds the relationship, the couple labors in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the relationship, the couple stand guard in vain."

Hope my story inspired some of you. Friends, don't let earthly relationship hinder your relationship with the Lord. Love your partner, love your wife/husband, love your mother/father, love your friends, love your career, love yourself, but LOVE GOD THE MOST!!! Ayaw nya ng may kahati, Deuteronomy 4:24 "For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God"..
He wants to be your first love, Matthew 10:37-38 "Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me." Sana hindi tau maging mababaw sa ating pagkakakilala sa Diyos natin. God bless all of us!

05-23-2008, 05:30 PM
waaaaaaahhhhh!!! ang haba pala talaga ng post ko... sana ndi kau tamarin sa pagbabasa.. hehehe ^_^

05-23-2008, 06:21 PM
waaaaaaahhhhh!!! ang haba pala talaga ng post ko... sana ndi kau tamarin sa pagbabasa.. hehehe ^_^
oo nga..bt i rid it ol..mgnda inspiring..

05-26-2008, 06:38 AM
1Ki 3:26 Nang magkagayo'y nagsalita ang babae na ina ng buhay na bata sa hari, sapagka't ang kaniyang pagmamahal ay nagniningas sa kaniyang anak, at sinabi niya, Oh panginoon ko, ibigay mo sa kaniya ang buhay na bata, at sa anomang paraa'y huwag mong patayin. Nguni't ang sabi ng isa, Hindi magiging akin ni iyo man; hatiin siya.

1Ki 3:27 Nang magkagayo'y sumagot ang hari at nagsabi, ibigay sa kaniya ang buhay na bata, at sa anomang paraa'y huwag patayin: siya ang ina niya.

Because of love, even our life we are willing to give up but not on our faith in GOD.

Ng dahil sa Pag-ibig kayang hamakin ang lahat...

05-26-2008, 09:43 AM
boy echo that was so heavy & it really marked on me! yours is one rare FAITH in this modern time.go kapatid sour high in the LORD!!!

05-26-2008, 11:57 AM
wow echo i was inspired by your story..

05-26-2008, 12:05 PM
waaaaaaahhhhh!!! ang haba pala talaga ng post ko... sana ndi kau tamarin sa pagbabasa.. hehehe ^_^

I really admire you great faith in GOD... keep it up man! :)