View Full Version : which is better SmartBro or Globe Broadband?

05-26-2008, 05:49 AM
Here in naval, im using Smartbro and Globelines.

for me, Smartbro is better than Globelines it is because the connection of smartbro is stable not like the Globelines Broadband.

I admit that Globelines Broadband is faster than Smartbro, i have 2mbps for Globe broadband and 423 kb/s for Smartbro.

As long as your smartbro antenna is near and visible from the tower, the more connection speed you got and you will have a zero connection loss..

According to the yugatech blog, Smart bro is the largest broadband in the Philippines..

05-29-2008, 09:34 AM
we're using globe broadband sumtymz ok ang connection mnsan rin ang hina..weather2 lng!
Sa RN daw double connection, globe at smart..pero bakit nwwla pa rin ang live stream ng RN sa net minsan?

05-30-2008, 07:36 AM
yeap, they have smartbro.. but palagi nlang mag time out yung connection nila.. maybe because may interference yung antena nang smartbro nila..

theres a technique sa globelines.. pag mahina yung connection mo....
disconnect the modem and plug it.. to have a new IP address... ok lang to pag dynamic yung IP address mo....

to acces your modem. here is it..

then default gateway
then open your browser..
then type the default gateway in address bar..
now you can acces your modem..

disconnect and connect again..

05-31-2008, 01:17 AM
Good information. I was going to ask the same question of which is better. More dependable is better than speed. I hope to be hooking up the internet to my house there in Naval soon. Thanks again for the info.

06-01-2008, 08:30 PM
i have a laptop. if im going to subscribe to Smartbro, can i access internet anywhere?

what's the solution to have internet access in remote places in biliran?

cud any1 pls advise?


06-01-2008, 08:56 PM

Theres a limitation for smartbro... 1km away from the tower.. and only 1 tower is smartbro ready.. that is located only in Naval. the capital town..

you can use internet thru a celfon, anywhere in biliran as long as you have network coverage. My friend use his celfon to connect the internet.,its like a dial up..

06-07-2008, 08:01 AM
i have a laptop. if im going to subscribe to Smartbro, can i access internet anywhere?

what's the solution to have internet access in remote places in biliran?

cud any1 pls advise?


To make it very simple i will try and sum up my experiences:

1st define the services:

Globelines Broadband is an ADSL connection that uses copper wire to your home from the service centre in Naval. Globelines has recently upgraded their infrastructure and I can personally attest that although I get the absolute worst customer service imaginable the globelines service supports high bandwidth applications, VOIP etc without breaking a sweat, I consistently get 1.5 plus Mbps the latency is low even though I am on a 4 km overspan of privately run wire to my home in Calumpang, Naval, because of lack of phone lines here.

Smart Bro has 2 services, The first is the fixed location service (available in Naval) it is a point to point line of sight radio transmission not using the cellular frequencies at all, this service is consistently plagued by one downfall, very high latency, and ping times (meaning for the average user although the speed is 384kps to gigh 400's there is a slight lag in communications making it very poor for voip or video conferencing etc. On the bright side it seems at least in Naval to be more stable than globelines dsl which often has outages. Although this has improved since the upgrades. This service can be subscribed to only if you can see the main smart cell tower from the proposed install location.

The second smart Bro service is their pre paid portable service which works off the 3G Cellular frequency and therefore does not function in naval at present except exactly as if you were to use any GPRS cell phone to connect to the internet at 56.6 kps.

If sppeed is a must then globe is your only choice even though I hate their customer service. If 99% uptime is a priority even at the expense of speed the choose smart bro P2P. But if you can not see the smart tower the the secision is already made.

hope this helps

06-10-2008, 04:41 AM
Diveman...Great information...Thanks, that makes my decision easy.