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06-29-2008, 04:40 PM
you and guy1 already made a plan to get married soon,u luv him as much as he luv u..u promised that no one could ever make ur ways apart from each oder..but suddenly he got an accident(naapil sa mv princess of stars)example, got missing and u tot he's dead already..it seems dat d hol world is on ur side, unfair...it seems dat u cant survive on living to think w/o him in ur lyf already...but then a friend(guy2) of ur bf is olways der, help u to get over the pain, the sorrow and help u to live life w/o his friend..that life must go on...then as he saw that ur ok, back to normal life...he courtd u and u said yes..though u stil the luv the guy1..u told to urself it would be the best way to completely heal ur wounded heart..then things goes out fine..your happy then, u learned to luv the guy2 as much as u luv the guy1..u and guy2 have plan to settle down into marriage..things planned perfectly for the wedding but then....guy1 suddenly appear, guy1 knew the things hapin during the times he's gone, he understand ur situation girl and thnkful to his friend that guy2 helpd you during that worst time...but he stil claimd to be ur groom..and u stil luv him but..... u luv the guy2 too, an equal luv for two guyz..what should u do?which one u'l gonna chose to be ur lifetime partner?

06-29-2008, 07:08 PM
hmmm..interesting ma ni 4everblue...hehehe

naka remember ko sa movie na "PEARL HARBOR" pareha gihapon ana

lisod man ni oi...hehehehe, if i were in the part of the girl maybe i should evaluate myself first. sometimes we can say that we love kana nga person kay tungod all the time naa sya sa atong side..mag comfort, or even make us smile inspite of the pain. Wat if pala you just fall in love with him kay tungod naa sya permi? kita man jud mga girls dali ma in love sa mga guy nga murag "damsel in distress" ba, e rescue ta sa problema...but i think i can define the true meaning of love kung nawala na tapos me balik sya for the second time around...:D:love::handkiss:

07-03-2008, 05:30 PM
same d i xa sa pearl harbor zar? hmmm ako ra na himo2...anyway i agree with u..dali ra ta inluv muna dali ra sab ta masakitan...

07-04-2008, 09:59 AM
.. pagkalifong pud ana woi forever blue... well, as wat zar said evaluate it before making a decision...

08-30-2008, 12:24 PM
Blue, di mana pwede nga equal jud ang love naa juy mas bug at sa imong kasing kasing ana. Kalisod pod anang sitwasyona oi di ba pwede sila nala duha groom? hehehheheh

bitaw ang girl ana will spent much time to decide kinsa jud ang bug at may unta pwede ang trial and error.heheheh Biaw sakit mana sa ulo blue.... may gali tima nako ana. heheheheheheeheh