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08-17-2008, 04:52 PM
Mga Kababayan,

The Embassy received information on employment opportunities
at Lexmark Philippines, in line with its expansion plans in Cebu.

Lexmark has an existing 115,500 square foot assembly plant
in the Mactan Export Processing Zone-II in Cebu manufacturing inkjet
cartridges. It caters to the Asian market as well as the U.S. Its
R&D facility was established in 2001 to design, develop, deliver,
and maintain software and firmware for Lexmark consumer printers. It
plans to hire 40-50 personnel in the next five years to support the
expansion plans of its R&D facility. It has established networks
with local schools and universities in the Philippines but is now on
the look-out for more experienced engineers.

Lexmark aims to hire more Filipino engineering personnel in
its Mactan facility, particularly mechanical engineers, who may be
currently employed in China. This is an opportunity for OFWs who may
wish to relocate back to the Philippines. Or if you are an engineer who are in the Philippines you can start applying now for any job positions. All the posting for job opportunity that I have been posting here is real and no placemeent fee..I have post here once the needed of nurses for Finland..Just try to help..