View Full Version : Enough time for GMA

01-25-2009, 09:18 AM
It seems that the most news stories coming from the White House these days are about George “Dubya” Bush seemingly in a sprint to the finish line of his presidency to leave a legacy of good will.

It is true that history judges presidents. History has treated Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt kindly. Truman’s frankness and honesty are legendary. He was often called “Give ‘em hell Harry,” and his reply was: I just told people the truth and they thought it was hell. Roosevelt became president when America was mired in the Great Depression and despair. Although many of the programs he launched to help impoverished citizens were not always successful, his absolute dedication to his hurting nation is a historical fact.

I recall, when George W. Bush was sworn in on a wintry cold day in January 2001 in Washington D.C., Gloria-Macapagal-Arroyo was celebrating her ascendancy to the most powerful position in this country. Today, she is barely surviving.

Gloria-Macapagal-Arroyo was quoted as saying only God can judge whether she has been good or bad. She reiterated the statement in an interview she made during her first day in office and she she doesn’t want to be known as a “great president” but a “good president.” She said in the end, God and not history, will be the one to judge what she has done.

The NBN-ZTE deal scandal, the “Hello Garci” scandal, the unsettled war in Mindanao, the killings and disappearances of journalists and media men, and the mediocre appointments of friends and cronies to key Cabinet positions are events and mistakes that define the Arroyo (fake) presidency.

Eight out of ten Filipinos have given GMA a failing grade. She has just about two years left to lead the Filipino nation, to improve her image, save her legacy, and assure herself a favorable place in history. She should not leave it to God to judge her. God may not be listening.

How much more suffering she is going to cause the Filipino people for them to finally say, “No, we have given GMA enough time.”

Would we say, "enough time with the Espina's too?"