View Full Version : The Arrogance of sir-Raul-lo Gonzalez

01-25-2009, 03:21 PM
“I outrank him.” With characteristic derision, Justice Secretary sira-Raul-lo Gonzalez dismissed Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director General Narciso Santiago’s statement that Maj. Ferdinand Marcelino may work for the PDEA even though he is a military officer in active duty. Santiago was merely responding to Gonzalez’s assertion regarding the latter’s opinion that an active duty officer cannot be engaged by the PDEA.

“I outrank him.” With these three words, Gonzalez vividly illustrated what is wrong with the Arroyo administration.

Instead of responding with substance and intelligence as expected from any decent public official who has a sense of transparency and public accountability, Gonzalez once again resorted to his usual acerbity of his lack of wit – acerbity’s mitigating factor.

A Cabinet official is a lightning rod of the president – role exemplified by then Executive Secretary Joker Arroyo who became a “magnet of criticism” for the Aquino administration. But if your principal is the illegitimate GMA, how can you deflect criticism: Gonzalez has reached down to the lowest depths of public contempt for that is the only way he can put his superior in a relatively better light.

Pulling rank is not an unusual course of action especially for those who believe that might is right. And since no one outranks the illegitimate GMA, she can do – and very well does – what she wants. Those who cannot convince on the basis of merit and sound arguments seek refuge in their status and positions. A president suffering from unprecedented unpopularity seeks asylum in the company of her sycophants.

But like death, public opinion can be a great equalizer. A “mere” Major of the Marines speaking the truth and guided by his conscience will always outrank an unprincipled, unpopular and unscrupulous commander-in-chief and her minions whose survival depends on her control and corruption of state institutions, the support of greedy and equally unprincipled politicians, and the apathy of a people driven to poverty and desperation.

Truth outranks deception. Decency outranks arrogance. The inherent dignity in the Filipino will eventually prevail.