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02-02-2009, 08:33 AM
hi guys,

Unsa ba gayud ang benefits natu sa Geothermal sa atung lugar? makahatag ba gayud ni ug kahayag sa mga pobre?

mo ubos ba gayud ang bayranan sa kuryente?

02-02-2009, 11:20 AM
hi guys,

Unsa ba gayud ang benefits natu sa Geothermal sa atung lugar? makahatag ba gayud ni ug kahayag sa mga pobre?

mo ubos ba gayud ang bayranan sa kuryente?

In layman's term, GEOTHERMAL simply means heat from the earth hence when Geothermal is "exploited" as you put it, it would produce Geothermal Energy, this Energy is then used to drive turbine which is connected to a generator that would produce electrical energy. Simply put, Geothermal Energy is God's given source of energy for the people. It is a clean, renewable source of electrical energy. Correct and proper "exploitation" of this geothermal energy means reducing the pollution for Mother Earth.

The "exploitation" of Geothermal Energy in Biliran would create lots of developmental opportunity in the province. Cost of electricity would be subsidized barring that the Provincial Government would not be "kurakot" and "garapal" enough to put the funds into their own pocket.

Development generated by Geothermal Energy is not only in the form of reduced electrical cost or in the jobs created but also in students sector among others. To illustrate my point, let's take the case in of Eastern Visayas State University. The Philippine National Oil Corporation is supporting a number of poor but deserving students. Most of this students are then employed in the various sector of the Geothermal industry.

I think the term "exploit" is not an appropriate term. If you look at the mountainous area where the Leyte Geothermal Reserved is located, the said mountainous area is maintained and protected from "kaingeros" and illegal loggers. The forest, the trees and other habitat of the mountains are preserved.

Developing the Geothermal Energy potential of Biliran should not be portrayed as a threat to any mountain. Only the ignorant could afford to do so.

02-02-2009, 11:37 AM
Hi there Killer Queen!

You got a great reply. Yeah, I agree with you. I like to add also that the Biliran Island lies in the so-called Pacific Rim of Fire. Whether we like it or not, the island has potential Geothermal Energy.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that if not for the "exploitation" of Geothermal Energy in Leyte, there will be no electricity in Biliran! Isn't it time to develop Biliran's own Geothermal Energy which eventually can augment the energy requirement of our country.

In terms of benefits, kahit pa merong Geothermal Energy in Biliran as long as there are corrupt politicians and corrupt government officials wala din benefits na mapupunta sa mga katulad kong mahirap!

02-02-2009, 02:28 PM
Waste of Geothermal can be a source of income by converting it into silica product.;)

A process for the treatment of geothermal residue includes contacting the pigmented amorphous silica-containing component with a depigmenting reagent one or more times to depigment the silica and produce a mixture containing depigmented amorphous silica and depigmenting reagent containing pigment material; separating the depigmented amorphous silica and from the depigmenting reagent to yield depigmented amorphous silica. Before or after the depigmenting contacting, the geothermal residue or depigmented silica can be treated with a metal solubilizing agent to produce another mixture containing pigmented or unpigmented amorphous silica-containing component and a solubilized metal-containing component; separating these components from each other to produce an amorphous silica product substantially devoid of metals and at least partially devoid of pigment. The amorphous silica product can be neutralized and thereafter dried at a temperature from about 25° C. to 300° C. The morphology of the silica product can be varied through the process conditions including sequence contacting steps, pH of depigmenting reagent, neutralization and drying conditions to tailor the amorphous silica for commercial use in products including filler for paint, paper, rubber and polymers, and chromatographic material.

02-02-2009, 04:48 PM
Among the renewable energy sources, geothermal is proven to be very reliable. Economics-wise, geothermal projects are the most stable and “unaffected” by rising global fuel prices. Socially, they are also well accepted. This pursuit of energy sources is significant for the preservation of the environment in view of the threat of global warming
Geothermal energy is environmentally friendly. It is a renewable source and can be used in ways that respect rather than upset our planet's delicate environmental balance. It provides clean and safe energy using little land. It also conserves fossil fuels and contributes to diversity in energy sources.

Once the geothermal plant is operational, its immediate benefit will be the lowering of electricity rates by at least P1.90 per kilowatt hour.
Other benefits come in the form of education, healthcare, environment and livelihood projects. This is embodied in the Department of Energy's Energy Regulations 194 which provides for the the granting of financial benefits to local government units hosting geothermal reserves and facilities.
These host LGUs of geothermal facilities are categorized as: 1) LGUs hosting the energy-generating facilities; and 2) LGUs hosting the producing geothermal reservoir. They are entitled to a one-centavo per Kilowatt-hour (P 0.01/kWh) of the electricity sales. This fund is distributed as follows:
For a generation facility and/or energy resource located in a non-highly urbanized city, the fund is distributed as follows:

Electrification Fund at � of one-centavo (P 0.005);
Development and Livelihood Fund (DLF) at � of one-centavo (0.0025); and
Reforestation, Watershed Management, Health and/or Environment Enhancement Fund (RWMHEEF) at � of one-centavo (0.0025).

As part of the government’s thrust to pursue other energy sources, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said, "This is a very good project. It is going to change the life of people in Biliran," during a meeting with members of the Regional Development Council of Region 8. In addition, the President signed an Executive order which seeks to develop economic zones in LGUs (Local Government Units) within the vicinity of geothermal plants in order for these investments to benefit from low-power costs of geothermal plants.
As to the question how it will benefit the poor, the answer is it will certainly create jobs and increase the spending power of the people. It will therefore provide the stimulus for further economic activities in the province. Hope this has enlightened everyone. For the people, RISE BILIRAN, MABUHAY BILIRAN!