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05-04-2009, 02:22 PM
This is the way justice works in this country.

On one hand, Jun Lozada is desperately fighting for his freedom, if not his life. One is tempted to add that for some people they are pretty much the same thing: Freedom is life, and life is freedom, and never the twain shall diverge. But it is literal in this case. The reason Lozada has guarded his freedom jealously, insisting on remaining with the La Salle brothers rather than seeking refuge elsewhere, or indeed going back to his former life, is that he fears for his life. In the hands of the authorities, his life is cheaper than a peso. The phrase in fact for him is, “in the clutches of the authorites.”

Lozada is fighting for his freedom now because another judge has reversed an earlier ruling dismissing Mike Defensor’s complaint of perjury against him. The new judge found merit in Defensor’s charge after all, proving that judges in this country are called that because they are able to weigh very carefully the values not of oral arguments but of arguments on paper of the various heroes.

Such apparently is the court’s fear that Lozada will jump bail (after he has holed out for what seems a lifetime in La Salle Green Hills, despite not lacking in offers for asylum abroad) it refuses to release him into the custody of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.

Who is the man accusing Lozada of perjury? He is the same man who abducted Panfilo Lacson’s chief witness in his expose’ on Jose Pidal and called it a rescue. He is the same man who brought in an American expert to say that the “Hello Garci” tape was doctored, only to have the same expert say it was not. He has something profoundly in common with GMA. And that is not height.

On the other hand, Jovito Palparan is enjoying the fruits of, well, he and his boss call it “labors”. The grieving widows, mothers and children of his victims have other words for it. He looks every inch like a cat who has just swallowed the canary having just been promoted congressman.

He has never been prosecuted for massacring political activists to fight communism even as his boss was busy selling this country to the biggest communist country on earth which is China. In fact, his boss has been ecstatic about his work, promoting him to higher positions in the military.

Who has accused him of being a mass murderer? Jose Melo – at least when he headed the commission to investigate the killings, and was still bothered by things like this and stil thought no nation ever moved forward without justice. And Philip Alston who carried the weight of the United Nations with him when he spoke. One is tempted to say that Raul Gonzales should look in the mirror first before calling anybody a “muchacho”, but the absolute terror the image there is bound to induce in the looker must make you not wish that even on your worst enemy.

With this kind of justice system, isn’t this country a nice place to live in?

05-05-2009, 07:26 AM
There are two great INJUSTICEs that can befall a MAN. One is to punish him for something he didn't do. The other is to let him get away with doing something he knows is wrong.