View Full Version : Salt Water as Oil?

07-17-2007, 10:27 AM
View the news clip (http://needtravelandmore.info/articles/saltwater.wmv). About 5mb to download.

The concept in the video clip was mentioned by a professor many years ago during post-college engineering studies.
It fizzled out perhaps due to politics in the economy.

What would have happened if the idea was pushed through then?
There could had been chaos in worldwide economy losing trillions of money and plenty of jobs.
And there could had been no oil-rich Arab nations (and no sponsor of terrorism, and of course, no pinay/pinoy OFW in the Middle East or somewhere

What is amazing is the fact that one silent good deed of one nation has been viewed by others as arrogance, oil-hungry and “hostiled” by many as modern conqueror.

Same thing in real ordinary life.
Do something good and still someone passes bad judgment on you.

Cruel world, huh?

Well, let us see what comes next if the “langis at tubig” becomes a reality.