View Full Version : TESDA bought items overpriced by as much as 4000%

09-09-2009, 11:12 PM
A Commission on Audit report dated 12 Mar 09 said that four TESDA contracts awarded to V.G. Roxas & Co. worth Php 302 109 054.53 were overpriced by 20.18%. Hallelujah!
The highest alleged overprice was reported in the cost of two (2) VCD “Gabay Sa Negosyo”, which featured meat processing. The VCD were reported to cost Php 306 250 but the Audit team found that these only cost Php 715 with a 20% discount for government entities. There was an overprice of Php 305 535.00 or 42 732%.
The state Auditors also noted significant overpricing on the following items:
· Dough cutter: TESDA bought for 48 507.60 pesos when it can be purchased for 120 pesos. This item was overpriced by 48 387.46 pesos or 40 323%.
· Incubator jar: bought for 15 375.00 pesos when it can be purchased for 149 pesos.
· Hatching bucket: bought for 43 750.00 pesos, when it can be purchased for 900 pesos.
· Plastic Medicine cabinet: bought for 2 182.86 pesos when it can be purchased for 200 to 300 pesos.
The report also said that not only were the items overpriced, they were of low quality too.
Is this the way we do things in the government now? Oh my God!
Are there overpriced items in the Naval Tesda? :( :confused::confused: :mad::mad::mad: